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    • Sara Rosenau
    • Born and raised in Oregon, Sara is a spiritual and community leader, facilitator, and teacher. She was educated at Earlham College, University of Denver, Iliff School of Theology, and (finally!) finished a PhD in Theology and Women and Gender Studies from Drew University. Sara is a champion at coffee conversations, passionate about leftist politics and inter-sectional social justice, and thrives on diverse forms of spiritual practice (meditation, chanting, or yoga anyone?). Her current interests focuses on working with communities and organizations as dynamic, emergent, living systems through nurturing wise practices of conversation, discernment, and action for a just world. Sara mothers three amazing kids, is blessed with wonderful friendships, and is always on the hunt for the perfect scone.

Sermon: The Church Has Left the Building

I come to you with a heavy heart. I feel the weight of the pain of America this morning. The fires that we see on the news, maybe these are pentecost fires. These are certainly symptomatic of a deep pain among the poor and people of color, especially black people.

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Restoration of Spirit

  Click below for Video of Sermon     Prelude Singing Bell and Call to Worship: L: Our lives feel all disjointed as though they were a valley of dry bones. P: But the Spirit of God …

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