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    • Stephen Kliewer
    • I am a wanderer. I would say that I am a seeker, but sometimes I have no idea what I might be seeking, so I will stick with wanderer. This blog is more a public journal than anything. I don't claim to have life figured out. I simply stumble from mystery to mystery, and share my reflections along the way. Sometimes I feel burdened, and trudge. Sometimes? Well sometimes grace breaks through, and its time to dance. Contact Stephen at

Random Theological Thoughts

But the Bible is not just a sacred book
It is also human book
full of the writings of the spiritually young
who only partly understood

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What I believe is not what I say I believe; what I believe is what I do.

Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality

What do I believe?
It is simple really
I believe there is something much much bigger than I
I call that something God, or the Sacred One, although I am not sure that an anthropomorphic image of God is helpful.

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