• Steve Robertson
    • Steve Robertson is the Founder and CEO of Project Peace on Earth and is joined and supported by many of the top names in: Music, Film, Dance, Television, Mobile Phone, Global Internet Concert, Broadcast & Live Concert production & Design, Branding and Marketing, Science/Physics, Higher Education, Personal/Spiritual Development, Fine Art, Holistic & Allopathic medicine, Mobile Medical Vehicles/Clinics and World Travel/Touring and Exploration.

Jesus’s Quote as the Root of All Evil ?

Each of us are co-creating the matrix of our personal and collective reality. Will we choose to co-create from a state of fear or more from love? The choice is ours.

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UN International Day of Peace inspires 2017 Global Peace Song Awards to announce contest Winners

GPSA Founder Steve Robertson stated, “We’ve had so many amazing music and video submittals. What an honor its been to be exposed to such music and videos and then be able to share this music with our world.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we announce the 2017 GPSA WINNERS

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Music’s Divine Healing Power

Research has shown that music has the power to change emotional states, perceptions, physiology and elevate spiritual awareness. Certain types of music, devotional and sacred in nature, also have the power to transform individual and collective consciousness into the heightened states of love, forgiveness, compassion and physical healing.

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Puppet Masters of Media Propaganda

In this day and age of vast amounts of news and media that bombard and compete for public attention fewer and fewer are able to discriminate fact from fiction. Shocking tabloid headlines, once reserved for amusement at grocery store line checkout, are now used by the mainstream press to bait the hook to get the consumer to bite and read/watch more. Journalists and reporters, if you can now call them such, are woefully compromised in the bias they take in propagandizing issues that ultimately serve the agenda of the media giants and hidden elite (owners of these media conglomerates) for whom they work and shape the perceptional lens of the masses.

Is there a intentional agenda behind all this and if so, whose masterminding it and for what purpose? The answer, I believe, is YES.

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The 2016 Global Peace Song Awards announces winners

  A Jury Panel of world-famed musicians, legendary Music Industry Executives, a famed TV Producer, an iconic peace Politician and Facebook fans all cast their votes to select the most inspiring music and videos that promote the …

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Shymaa’s Story from GAZA – “We Are the Ones”

Watch this inspiring video about Shymaa, a little 5 yr old girl from GAZA whose story is sparking a worldwide movement of love, hope and peace.

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Spiritual Awakenings, Enlightenment and the Kitchen Sink

Spiritual awareness often begins at the point where our inner thoughts reflectively seek meaning in the external world of our drama. This search empowers the transformation of unconscious perception into awakened vision. Such clarity creates the understanding that we are always, consciously or unconsciously, choosing and co-creating our existence.

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“2 Unite All” Albums (Volumes 1 & 2)

2 Unite All Vols. 1 & 2 is a double album for Gaza relief with 30 tracks of peace and unity donated by a diverse group of world famous musicians. These include Peter Gabriel, Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Thomas Bergersen (2 Billion Youtube hits), Sasha Cooke (Grammy Opera Winner), Gary Nicholson (Grammy Country Music Winner), Beth Nielsen Chapman, Rick Allen (Def Leppard), Fox Lima (Enigma MMX Social Song), Joanne Shenandoah (famed Native American singer) and more. The aim of the movement behind the music is to unite people separated by conflict and prejudice through the healing power of music.

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The Bell of Liberty and the Price of Freedom – Part 3

Part 3 of 3-Part Series

If we give up our rights to peaceably gather, protest and to question the motives of our elected officials under the cowardly fear of being labeled unpatriotic, then clearly, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, we deserve neither liberty nor safety. We appear to be on track, as planned, to succumb to the paranoiac and insistent boil of fear and terrorism as feed through the media and those who pull at the strings of power. If this happens and we do not move quickly, then like a frog placed in a pan of cool water on a stovetop…we will not discern the change in the water’s temperature as it is steeped to a boil. Jump, as it (or we) could out of the pan at any time, the frog never does, and thus dies as a result of confusion while in the boiling water.

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The Bell of Liberty and the Price of Freedom – Part 2

Part 2 of 3-Part Series

Once we had known, with clear conviction, the difference between right and wrong. As a people we were taught to protect the weak, right the wronged and fight for freedom. Now however, the moral compass of our heart had been turned, and with this, our minds rebuffed into submission. Values of goodness, which once defined our great nation, were now being defined by powers, we were told, were more wise than ourselves. They knew better and had our best interests at heart. They would protect us from what we were told to fear and what was beyond our capability to understand. We willingly allowed ourselves to be guided into a cauldron of water which was quickly being brought to a boil by flames of fears and fascism.

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The Bell of Liberty and the Price of Freedom – Part 1

(Part 1 of 3)

Once upon a time I was proud to be an American. Now, at the age of 55, I find myself deeply embarrassed to call myself one. The values we once stood for as a country: honor, justice, democracy and freedom, those which I grew up with believing were the sacred hallmark of our great nation, now gag in my throat. Where has it all gone wrong?

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Success and Leaps of Faith: Part 2

Step out to the edge of your heart’s greatest calling, brave and courageous adventurer. Still your mind, listen deeply within, follow your intuition and take the leap of faith that will always bridge you from fear of the unknown, to the KNOWN and Holy Grail of your life’s loving mission and realized bliss.

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Success and Leaps of Faith: Part 1

Each step of our life’s journey, whether we are aware of it or not, is a series of leaps of faith. Certain moments of our life, seemingly dramatic in nature, serve to punctuate and mark major turning points that define who we believe we are, what we have accomplished, relationships of meaning and opportunities that lead to a particular experience.

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Speaking Our Reality

Each moment of the day, nanosecond after nanosecond, we are co-creating a reality from which we are either conscious or unconscious. To the degree we are conscious, lovingly paying attention to the moment, our co-creativity tends to reflect a flow of ease and grace in our experiences. To the degree we are unconscious, we reactively and retrospectively discover the fearful hand that has scripted the dramatic sequences of our existence.

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