• T M (Terri) Murray
    • T M Murray is an American essayist, author and educator. She has taught philosophy, critical reasoning and religious studies in London, UK for the past twelve years. She read philosophy and theology at University of London, and earned her doctoral degree in philosophy from Oxford Brookes University, specializing in social and contextual theology. Murray is a regular contributor to Philosophy Now magazine, The New Humanist and has blogged for The Rationalist Association, The Center for Progressive Christianity and The Yurica Report. In 2010 she was awarded first prize in the Center for Inquiry's Feedom of Expression Essay competition. She is co-author of Moral Panic: Exposing the Religious Right's Agenda on Sexuality(Cassell, UK).

What Ancient Thinkers Can Teach Us About the Human – Divine Relationship

The framework of ancient virtue theory, with its emphasis on character and the life of each human being as a whole, also formed a backdrop for the Synoptic Gospels. It is against this background that the figure of Jesus can be analyzed as an exemplar of the ideal moral person.

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From Ancient Times to the Present: Transferring Guilt Makes a Mockery of Justice

  One of the foundations of modern ethics is crumbling. Having rights is about being respected as a human individual who shapes his life through choices. Whether with respect to original sin, honour based violence, modesty dress …

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Polite Self-Censorship No Environment for Free Speech

Charlie Hebdo’s editorial staff rebuffed yet again by over two hundred prominent guests at a Manhattan literary gala hosted by the PEN American Center. Following the 7 January, 2015 murders of nine read more