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    • Tony Minear
    • Lead Pastor at Church of the Beatitudes

“Male and Female, and…”: A brief interview and sermon from Beatitudes Church

Black and white. Light and dark. Good and evil. This binary way of cataloging and compartmentalizing our thoughts and experiences is useful when it comes to categorizing much about life. But what about gender identity?

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Pastor Tony Minear’s Sermon: Do You See This Woman?

“Do You See This Woman?” Jesus poses this very question to Simon, a Pharisee, over a casual meal as found in our gospel reading from today, Luke 7:36-47.

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Pastor Tony Minear’s sermon “Just Askin’-The Questions Jesus Asked Tells Us About Him and Ourselves.”

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Where fear can make us believe that we aren’t worthy or relevant, there is inherent value in facing your fears and doing things that take you out of your comfort zone.

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Audio Sermon: Gathering 83: “Restoring Dads”

Jesus was about restoration. In a first century society steeped in labeling and separating the outcasts, be it a leper or demoniac, Jesus’ mission was all about restoring freedom to all individuals in bondage. Flash forward to today. Not much has changed.

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