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    • You Are Loved Murals
    • The YOU ARE LOVED mural project collaborates with schools, worship groups, artists, businesses and organizations of all types, creating murals using the 5 above messages. YOU ARE LOVED murals can be created in your own space or out in your community. Sponsor an event where community members, students, and families come together to paint a pre-designed mural. It's deeply engaging, creative, and a great way to bring people together. Since 1997 lead artist, Alex Cook has created over 120 murals all over the US and abroad and has worked with diverse communities of all ages and abilities. (see more of Alex's work at You can create a beautiful, loving, lasting artwork in (and with!) your community!

} Announces New Partner Organization: You Are Loved Murals

  YOU ARE LOVED YOU ARE NEEDED YOU ARE IMPORTANT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL YOU CAN DO IT The public conversation about worth, value, and well-being is often dark. We are surrounded by belittling messages of materialism, bullying, …

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