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Advent Retreat and Ecourses from Spirituality & Practice


Starts Friday: November 26

Wisdom. Light. Unity. Beauty. Incarnation.

These are the great themes of Advent, the Christian liturgical season which starts next week leading up to Christmas. Of course, these themes are also important in the spiritual lives of people from other spiritual traditions and those who don’t affiliate with any tradition.

“Lumen Divina – 2021” explores these universal themes through the practices of Lectio Divina (quiet, receptive reflection using Scripture) as well as Visio Divina (with art images) and Musica Divina (with various musical selections). First offered in 2016, this program has been updated by our partners at Contemplative Outreach for this Advent. Added are three Zoom sessions each week for practicing and sharing together as well as the Practice Circle for reflections.

The e-course begins this Friday, November 26, with suggestions for your preparations for Advent. You will then receive emails every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until Christmas Eve.
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Other Advent E-Courses Available On-Demand
(To have the sessions coincide with the Advent calendar, schedule your course with the frequency and start date noted below. Please note: you need to schedule an on-demand course the day before you want it to start because the emails go out in the middle of the night.)
Advent of the Heart with Contemplative Outreach (13 sessions; schedule M-W-F starting Nov. 26)
Child of the Light by Sharon Conley and Beth Richardson (36 sessions; schedule daily starting Dec. 2)
The Gospel of Thomas for Advent by Cynthia Bourgeault (26 sessions; schedule daily starting Nov. 30)
The Grace of Advent with Contemplative Outreach (13 sessions; schedule M-W-F starting Nov. 26)
Lux Divina: An Advent Journey with Contemplative Outreach (13 sessions; schedule M-W-F starting Nov. 26)
Silence Night, Holy Night with Contemplative Outreach (13 sessions; schedule M-W-F starting Nov. 26)
A Simple Immediacy: Desert Wisdom for Advent by Cynthia Bourgeault (28 sessions; schedule daily starting November 28)
A Universal Christmas by Thomas Moore (11 session; schedule M-W-F starting Dec. 1)
Wisdom for Advent and Christmas by the Spirituality & Practice Team (40 sessions; schedule daily starting Nov. 28)

November 26, 2021 - December 31, 2021