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Ashana Live Concert- Heart to Heart

Click here for tickets! $20, $18 for Affiliates (Pick up tickets at door)

Sponsored by TCPC, Hosted by Fox Island UCC

Heart-to-Heart Tour – celebrating the Love You Are.  Ashana
Joyful, uplifting, breathtakingly beautiful music featuring the soaring angelic vocals of Ashana and the luminous sounds of crystal singing bowls.

Join Ashana for an evening of celestial sound featuring sacred song, chant and mantra – music that will open your heart, lift your spirit, and carry you on waves of love into the arms of the Divine. Ashana's music is a luminous tapestry of soaring angelic vocals, haunting melodies and the healing sounds of crystal singing bowls. This stunningly beautiful alchemy is magical. It quiets the mind, returning you to a place of deep stillness and remembrance of the Divine … a place where you will be inspired and uplifted … a place of comfort and peace.

Ashana's exquisite renditions of sacred chant and mantra from the world's traditions have been called "a gift from Heaven" and "a musical retreat for the soul" — music that gently opens the heart to realign you with the innermost core of your being.

Come – chant, sing, meditate and bathe in the luminous sound of crystal singing
bowls in an incomparable evening of light, beauty and joy.

"With a voice that sounds like it was touched by an Angel… Ashana is an artist like no other. Her music reaches you on an emotional level, welling up feelings of gratitude, longing and peace." – Music Design

Ashana concert 
Where & When
"Hosted" by Fox Island, UCC
726 6th Avenue FI
Fox Island, WA 98333
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Friday June 5, 2009
June 5, 2009
June 5, 2009
Fox Island UCC
Fox Island WA United States
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