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Become Master of Your Life


Are you ready to become Master of your Life?
Are you ready to know your Soul’s Blueprint and receive support to live it fully?
Join us for our upcoming

Virtual Journey of Mastery (VJM1.0)

DATES: October 6 – December 8, 2020

  • ONLINE 1x per week for 2 hour Zoom calls
  • Private website with audios, videos, meditations, exercises

Participants say this experience has changed their lives, helping them make better decisions, creating conditions to thrive and knowing their life purpose.

Over a 10-week period we examine, determine and embrace myriad aspects of Mastery. This is an individual journey within a small group providing support, encouragement and different perspectives to consider along the way.
On the journey you

  • Identify your Blueprint and align with your life’s purpose
  • Define the goals most important to you
  • Liberate yourself from limitations 
  • Envision and create your best life
  • Relax into your deeper Self


Together with The Grand Council (a wise group of guides and elders) we create an atmosphere of safety and adventure, while you investigate and create powerful new understandings of your own Mastery.

Included in the Program are 2 personal sessions with Diane and The Grand Council and one Soul Blueprint Astrology session with Megan.

We look forward to working with you in a few months’ time!

Only 6 spaces available

Virtual Journey of Mastery 
DATES: October 6 – December 8, 2020

Accepting applications now

VJM1.0 Testimonials: What people are saying…

  1. “It has also helped me develop those gifts and learn how to interpret them so I can ultimately share them out into the world. If you choose this path there is a whole tribe of amazing Masters waiting to receive and remember with you!”  SM
  2. “VJM1.0 was the catalyst of awakening of my gifts, unfolding myself that is still …2 years later continuing to unfold. I feel solid and happy in my being- ness, capable of navigating each and every day.” CH
  3. “During VJM1.0, I began to see myself in a new light and my life in a new perspective. I am continually aligning myself to my purpose, taking steps to implement it, making steady progress, and feeling more at ease and peace. I have learned the power of self-love and healing and its wondrous gifts that keep giving.” PS
  4. “Knowing my Soul’ Blueprint calmed my being altogether and set me on a more direct path to honor my service. Megan and Diane offer so much wisdom through their teachings, energetic support and friendship and have helped me renew my faith and recognize the magic in my own process!  ” TJ
  5. “VJM1.0 Mastery program supported me in embracing a more conscious engagement with my life. I began taking greater initiative and responsibility for creating a life that is nourishing to me.” ZH

We look forward to taking this adventure with you!

Megan and Diane

Your Virtual Journey of Mastery investments are: Time, Conscious Attention and US$1,188* (price includes a US$88 non-refundable application fee).

October 6, 2020
December 8, 2020
Tree of Life Teachings