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Damanhur Spiritual Journey


Join Megan for a 10 day pilgrimage to this unique spiritual community in the Italian Alps

Celebrate the Full Moon Ritual, the Summer Solstice ritual and a concert in the Temple of the People!

The Federation of Damanhur in Italy is an internationally renowned center for spiritual, artistic and social research. Damanhur is located in the alpine foothills of Piedmont, Italy and comprises 44 small eco-villages, with approximately twenty people. Damanhur is dedicated to scientific and spiritual research, sustainability, holistic health, the sacred and visual arts, ritual theatre and more.


Special Courses offered:

  1. Daily meditations in the Temples of Humankind
  2. Daily Meditation sessions with Megan’s Sacred Robes
  3. The Rite of the Triad
  4. Awakening your Inner Senses
  5. Ancient Civilizations and Atlantian history
  6. Spiritual Physics
  7. Damanhur Spiritual Technology – contacting the Selfica, spiritual beings aiding human evolution
  8. Music of the Plants – Hear plants “sing” with the aid of Damanhur technology
  9. Walking labyrinth circuits in the sacred forest
  10. Full Moon Ritual
  11. Summer Solstice Ritual

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June 12, 2019
June 21, 2019
Megan Wagner