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Damanhur Spiritual Journey


May 10-22, 2020


Join Megan for a 12 day pilgrimage to this unique spiritual community in the Italian Alps

The Federation of Damanhur in Italy is an internationally renowned center for spiritual, artistic and social research. Damanhur is located in the alpine foothills of Piedmont, Italy and comprises 44 small eco-villages, with approximately twenty people. Damanhur is dedicated to scientific and spiritual research, sustainability, holistic health, the sacred and visual arts, ritual theatre and more.

Click here for more on my own personal experience at Damanhur

Outer Temple Robes


Daily journeys into the underground Temples of Humankind

Thousands of people from all over the world use the Temples every year as an instrument for inner research and contact with the divine and to open to inspiration, dreams and creativity. These new paths of meditation allow a deep level of access to the spiritual energies.

We learn about Damanhur’s research and philosophy, and participate in meditations to explore the soul and the Divine. We journey into the sacred wood, walk the labyrinth circuits, listen to the Music of the Plants and experience Damanhur’s powerful courses and healing modalities!

This will be Megan’s 14th annual pilgrimage to Damanhur. 

“Over the years I have learned about the many spiritual courses to open your spiritual awareness and intuition and I know many of the gifted healers who offer unique healing opportunities for all kinds of physical, emotional and spiritual ailments.”


Temples of Humankind

Temples of Humankind

THE TEMPLES OF HUMANKIND   Each day we will journey together into the Temples of Humankind, exquisite underground temples filled with painting, sculpture, stained glass, mosaics and precious metals.

  • Hall of Water – dedicated to the feminine principle
  • Blue Hall – for meditation, inspiration and reflection
  • Hall of the Earth – dedicated to the masculine principle
  • Hall of Metals – represents the developmental stages of humankind and the shadow
  • Labyrinth Hall – showing Interfaith worship through the centuries
  • Hall of Spheres – inviting planetary contact and transmission of messages, ideas and dreams to create harmony between nations
  • Hall of Mirrors – dedicated to the sky, air and light, solar energy, strength and life.
  • Hall of Peoples – dedicated to all the peoples of the world through time, and to our brothers and sisters from other worlds!

Be prepared for an exciting, holistic journey for the Body, Mind and Spirit! Experience the full range of sensual and spiritual delights with organic Italian food, sacred chanting, drumming and ritual and dynamic courses to open your spiritual awareness.

Egyptian Museum in Turin

We will journey one day into Turin, a magical city to see the Egyptian Museum and the “Shroud of Turin”, a powerful magical object housed within a small chapel.

Damanhur Healing Treatments available

  • Pranatherapy
  • Beauty Prana
  • Organ regeneration treatment
  • Massage
  • Pranoself treatment – aura cleansing


Special Courses offered:

  1. Daily meditations in the Temples of Humankind
  2. Daily Meditation sessions with Megan’s Sacred Robes
  3. Awakening your Inner Senses
  4. Ancient Civilizations and Atlantian history
  5. Spiritual Physics
  6. Damanhur Spiritual Technology – contacting the Selfica, spiritual beings aiding human evolution
  7. Music of the Plants – Hear plants “sing” with the aid of Damanhur technology
  8. Walking labyrinth circuits in the sacred forest

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Program cost: $3,595

Includes daily access to the Temples of Humankind, all instruction with Megan, classes and activities with Damanhur facilitators, transportation to Turin and the Egyptian Museum, 12 nights Accommodation. Does not include airfare, transport to/from airport and most meals.

For more information, payment details and to register below or contact Megan. A non-refundable deposit is due now and all payments due by April 1st. (Cash and checks are accepted. Pay Pal option adds a transaction fee.)

May 10, 2020 - May 22, 2020
Damanhur, Italy
Megan Wagner