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Darwin, Divinity and the Dance of the Cosmos

Bruce Sanguin on Evolutionary Christianity.

Everything and everybody is involved in a sacred, evolutionary process, including the Christian faith. What might it look like for a church to consciously embrace and celebrate the “blessed unrest” that is coursing through us as a work of Spirit? We have more questions than answers at this point, and that’s part of the adventure.

Bruce Sanguin understands evolution as a divine strategy for making a world that can make itself, and that G_d is in the business of alluring all of creation into the deep enjoyment of realizing the highest possible expression of goodness, truth, and beauty.

As a Christian, Sanguin believes the Heart and Mind of G_d–that was in Jesus–is incarnate in every bit of this blessed universe and planet of ours. Along with the rest of life, we need to creatively adapt to changing life conditions, or suffer the evolutionary consequences — which we’re seeing with the decline of the mainline churches. The crisis that we’re going through right now on the planet could very well be birth of a new reality. This creative adaptation and innovation is driven by Spirit. It’s up to us to be part of the evolution.

January 13, 2013
January 13, 2013
Central United Methodist Church
1875 N. Central Avenue
Phoenix AZ United States
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