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Diamonds in the Dark: Transformative Shadow Work for Our Time with Andrew Harvey

A 3-Day Weekend Celebration Retreat with Four LIVE Sessions
December 4th through December 6th

*** Optional Bonus Integration Sessions ***

In this unique 3-day retreat, Andrew will relate a powerful transmission: that authentic enlightened consciousness is a fusion of the wisdom of the serpent and the innocence of the dove—a deep and unflinching knowledge of the shadow in all of its ambiguities and lethal force with the radiant joy, hope and peace of mystical awakening.
These classes go even further than previous classes Andrew has taught. They represent the crystallization of his 40-year journey in evolutionary mysticism.
Join him for this uniquely empowering adventure. It can change your whole understanding of life at this moment in history.
Weekend Retreat Schedule
Session #1: Finding the Diamonds in the Darkness of our Global Dark Night
Friday December 4th at 5pm PDT, 7pm CST

Session #2: Becoming a Diamond Through Facing the Shadows of the Dark Night
Saturday December 5th at 8am PDT, 10am CST

Session #3: Mystical Inspiration from Rumi and Kabir, the Great Alchemists of the Dark Night and Open Integration
Saturday December 5th at 12:30pm PDT, 2:30pm CST

Session #4: Turning our 7 Essential Shadows of the Human Condition into Sources of Wisdom and Empowerment
Sunday December 6th at 8am PDT, 10am CST

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