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Do you want to explore your SPIRITUAL LIFE?

Do you feel compelled to be more spiritual?

Are you seeking a relationship or connection to an understanding of God that makes sense to you?

Is there something calling to you, but you can’t find the words to name and claim it?

If so, you can benefit from joining a spiritual-breakthrough group.

There are many benefits of a healthy spiritual-religious life.
* Do you want to have less anxiety or greater perspective?
* Would you like to be less reactive, more prone to forgive, less controlling, more at peace?
* Can you imagine being you and feeling more love, more laughter, more contentment, more joy?

All of the above underlined characteristics are aspects of a healthy spiritual-religious life.
It’s awesome, amazing, and possible for you to get these results.

While the process is sometimes scary, it’s 100% doable. You can have a healthy spiritual-religious life. I can help you to have it.

In 8 weeks, you can have results. You can feel more comfortable with that which is compelling you to see the world differently than you currently are. You can feel more blessed.

Starting the second and third week in January, I will be running spiritual-breakthrough groups.

8 people. 8 weeks.
We meet together on the web.
Amazing transformations will happen – starting in January

Join me for a tour and Q & A in my virtual classroom:
Tuesday, January 3 at 10pm EST/7pm PST
Wednesday, January 4 at 11am EST/8am PST
Groups start a week later.

“When people experience even a small adjustment in their spiritual life, they can experience huge benefits in every other aspect of their life.” -rB

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January 3, 2017
March 31, 2017
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