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Emerging Spirituality and Awareness

with Ian Lawton


June 30 – July 4, 2014

Join Ian Lawton, founder of, for transformative conversations with renowned spiritual leaders from many traditions as we explore awareness. Beyond all the things that divide us, both from ourselves and each other, awareness brings up back to our essential oneness. Through this conference, you will come to a deeper understanding of your own wholeness and your connection to all else. Together, we can increase the peace, both within and in the world.

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The Experts

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Meggan Watterson
Peter Russell
Cindy Wigglesworth
Bishop Spong
Maria Nemeth
Matthew Fox
Russell James
Genpo Roshi
Joan Borysenko, PhD
Rami Shapiro
Elena Brower
Diarmuid O’Murchu
Yasmin Mogahed
Brian Mclaren
Cynthia Bourgeault
Chava Bahle
Brian Johnson
Sarah McLean
Michael Dowd
Fred Stella
Lloyd Geering
Richard Rohr
Bruce Sanguin
Roger Wolsey
Gretta Vosper
David Ault
John Dominic Crossan
Dr. David Richo
Sara Davidson
Janet Attwood
Karen Salmansohn
Marlin Lavanhar

Your Host


Ian Lawton

Ian is a spiritual teacher of inner wisdom, universal love, self awareness, oneness, peace, and abundance. He is an author and lectures internationally on contemporary spirituality, technology and personal growth.

Ian is an Aussie and lives on the coast with his wife, Meg and two of their kids. Ian and Meg jointly lead an online support community called Soulseeds, and an online marketing support service called Soulseeds Media. The Soulseeds network has grown quickly in the three years since it launched, with over 40,000 Facebook fans, and over 150,000 tweeps. Its a fast growing and cutting edge social network of people interested in personal development, social change and the beautiful connectedness of life.

Ian has studied and read widely on philosophy and spirituality, including the likes of Ken Wilber, Elizabeth Lesser, Genpo Roshi, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Joan Borysenko and other leaders in universal wisdom and contemporary spirituality.

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32 expert sessions in this conference!
June 30, 2014
July 4, 2014