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Emotional Intelligence: The Soul’s Expression of Self



You may feel them as goose pimples, a warmth in your chest, or a deep ache in your belly. What are emotions and what triggers them? Emotions are an oft misunderstood, or even ignored, aspect of spiritual life. Sometimes we are led to believe that emotions – whether negative or positive – are simply obstacles to remove in order to achieve enlightenment. However, it is when we examine our feelings and investigate to where and what they point, that we discover our emotions to be an expression of Spirit moving through us. By raising our awareness and deepening our understanding of our emotions, we will be able to better manage and engage these puzzling aspects of ourself.


Through contemplation, reflection and discussion, students in this class will gain a new perspective on emotions, a perspective that will foster personal and spiritual growth. As you increase awareness of yourself, you will come to a deeper and more expansive sense of presence than ever before.


D. Ajene Wilcoxson


Don Ajené Wilcoxson is an ordained Interfaith and Progressive Christian minister, a Full Professor of Business & Entrepreneurship, and an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner & Assessor. He is a certified SQ21 (Spiritual Intelligence) instructor, a Why facilitator, and a student of Logotherapy. He is a founding member of the Riverside Interfaith Council, an ambassador for the Parliament of World Religions, and is a member of the National Council with the Fellowship of Reconciliation.



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April 8, 2017 12:30 PM
April 8, 2017 8:00 PM
Online Webinar
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