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Exploring Engoldenment



What can you expect from joining me in the Exploring Engoldenment course?

1-Hour Course + Live and Recording of Q&A Session + A specially created film of Kabir poetry

A comprehensive and all-embracing map of our contemporary crisis as a death that destroys humanity’s false self to birth it into its next level of divine embodiment.

An understanding of the three stages of the endgoldenment process illustrated by Kabir’s own searing, magnificent poetry: first, a facing of the truths of our growing reality; second, the necessity of the practice of devotion that Kabir knows is the most effective—the saying of the name of God in the heart; three, the potentially miraculous effects of this devotion that birth you into your engoldened divine humanity.

An awareness that Kabir’s poetry was not written but sung and Andrew reads the poems in such a way that they will penetrate your soul beyond thought and reason.

Whatever stage you are in, you will find in Kabir a fierce and exalted friend who will reveal to you that you are divine and can take a path beyond religion into direct connection with the One that can divinize you.

The course is followed by a conversation with Ellen Gunter, the author of Earth Calling. In it Ellen and I discuss some of the ways in which Kabir’s grand and majestic vision can be integrated into the depths of our everyday lives. They realize that three things are necessary when you approach a sublime master of truth such as Kabir:

  • The first is to allow yourself to be thrilled by the scope of the vision.
  • The second is that you realize that you are already engoldening yourself by acting humbly from both compassion and a passion for justice in your everyday life.
  • The third is to accept that Kabir‘s wisdom reveals itself slowly over time; be patient.

I do hope you’ll start your own journey and may every blessing follow you on that journey.



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January 31, 2022 - January 31, 2022
Andrew Harvey