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Gladdening Light Symposium 2020: Wild Surrender, Inter-Spirituality in a Time of Trial



Mirabai Starr and Rami Shapiro: MANY VOICES OF THE HOLY

Enthusiasm is building for another profound experience at the next GladdeningLight Symposium where three of our brightest minds will gather to honor paths of many faith traditions.  There’s a new paradigm of inter-spirituality that moves beyond mere tolerance to behold the holy in all.
Rami Shapiro
Rabbi Rami Shapiro has been deemed a Holy Rascal, humorous and endearing onstage as he challenges our belief systems.  He’s led a life of mutuality and peace while bridging the Jewish tradition with the Hindu and other faiths.  A prodigious writer on all aspects of the spiritual journey, Rabbi Rami’s insights are delighting audiences worldwide.

Mirabai Starr uniquely translates ancient sacred texts and percolates their wisdom in an evocative personal style.  She has taught philosophy and world religions to university students while authoring many books along the way, from interfaith to the Via Negativa experience, punctuated with her own tender history.

Mirabai StarrAn advocate for feminine wisdom, Mirabai makes clear that men are not the enemy, encouraging readers to appreciate both halves of the sexual psyche.  Her current book and retreat tour is enlivening spiritual seekers across America.

At GladdeningLight 2020, Rami and Mirabai promise fluid interplay amid their appearances, enriched contemplative practice and, best of all, fun!  They’ll be joined arm-in-arm by The New York Times bestselling author Barbara Brown Taylor for a welcome return to GladdeningLight.  Barbara’s recent contribution to the courageous conversation addresses Holy Envy as a way of perceiving other religions through a new lens.

The symposium wouldn’t be complete without art.  The Beauty We Love  offers our planet a healing prayer-in-concert from cellist Eugene Friesen as the opening convocation.  Together with a command appearance by Owen and Moley, the weekend assures participants of an experience immersed in lyricism and melody.

Don’t be left out!  Registration is underway for the entire weekend at $220 with the additional opportunity to take part in an opening reception hosted by the president of Rollins College and a communal luncheon on Saturday.  Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express accepted or register by phone at (407) 647-3963.  Be one of the many voices of the holy at GladdeningLight 2020.

February 6, 2020
February 9, 2020
Rollins College
1000 Holt Avenue
Winter Park FL
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