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Grassroots Cultural Responses to the 10th Anniversary of the War in Afghanistan


I’m writing to invite you and other progressive Christians to join a nationwide effort between artists to create grassroots cultural responses to the 10th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan. There has perhaps never been a more important time for artists and activists to be heard. In the U.S. our communities are under assault, income inequality is at staggering levels, and we are increasingly unhealthy in body and spirit. All the while the U.S. continues to send our fellow Americans abroad to fight in wars we can’t afford financially, mentally, or spiritually. We believe after ten years it’s time to say enough is enough. 

This October cultural workers around the country are responding to the 10th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan by lifting up the knowledge and wisdom that comes from their experience. This initiative is called 10 Years and Counting—and we invite you to join us.

What should you do this fall? Make art! Create a show, a spectacle, a happening, a sculpture, a dance, a flash mob, a bakeoff, an Afghan kite flying demonstration, a roving parade, free yoga classes, a poetry workshop, a choir, etc. Think outside the realms of traditional protest: what would your family like to do on a Saturday afternoon? What would be fun and meaningful for your community? There’s room for all kinds of expression from militant to peaceful. 

Once you’ve decided on your action, tell us about it at, list your event at, and share your images/ideas/and calls for volunteers on Songs and dances and can be uploaded to the 10YAC YouTube channel, poems can be submitted for our blog, and visual art can be submitted for our online gallery. Use the 10YAC platform to show our elected officials and the media what a real grassroots peace movement looks like!

Want to help us spread the word? Join us as Partner and be included in the organizing loop. (Email for more information.)

Let’s create the world we want to see–starting this fall in our own communities.


                                                                                     In peace,


September 5, 2011
December 31, 2011
United States
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Cheyenna Weber