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Inclusive National Day of Prayer

Our Inclusive National Prayer Day project aims to work with activists in as many states as possible to lobby governors to refrain from proclaiming or endorsing the National Day of Prayer in ways that enhance the Task Force's exclusive control of the day and its efforts to create the appearance of government-sponsored religious ceremonies.

In some cases this could be as simple as asking the governor to refrain from issuing a proclamation — or to craft a proclamation that calls for inclusive events to mark the National Day of Prayer. We believe that once governors realize how narrow and exclusive the Task Force is, they will welcome requests from inclusive interfaith groups.

We have compiled talking points and documentation about the National Day of Prayer Task Force. Please click here.

The National Day of Prayer falls on May 1st this year, and in most parts of the country, there is a religious "litmus test" limiting participation to fundamentalist Christian evangelicals. Focus on the Family, the largest organization on the Christian Right, and groups allied with it control the occasion, calling themselves the National Day of Prayer Task Force and asserting that their website is the "National Day of Prayer Official Website."

The National Day of Prayer has been hijacked!

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What began in 1952 as President Truman's declaration of a National Prayer Day for all Americans is now excluding and dividing us on religious lines. The "Task Force" excludes Jews, Muslims, Catholics and even mainline Christians from participation in the events it coordinates around the country. Many of those events are staged in government venues with elected officials, in a deliberate affront to the separation of church and state.


May 1, 2008
January 20, 2018
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