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Join Andrew Harvey in “Namibia”


I want to invite you personally, on what I believe will be the soul adventure of a lifetime- a pilgrimage into the wild primordial heart of Namibia. Namibia has been for me, a major revelation in my life. I knew that it would be when I first started looking at a book of photographs of the Namib desert in Johannesburg Airport. Something happened in that crowded bookshop that awoke a thirst I did not know I had for wilderness, for emptiness, for the great luminous silences of rock and in the months that followed I circled Namibia in reading piles of books, in dreams and in a sense of growing awe. I knew I had to go myself, alone, and so I went last Christmas for 10 days of revelation on every level.

What I want to do is to share with you the revelation of Namibia. I want to share most of all the gorgeous and terrible beauty of the desert in its many tumultuous landscapes, in its sumptuous austerity, in what can only be what is described as its powers of mystical possession. When you enter the desert so deeply you discover it is thrillingly alive in every grain of sand and twist of rock and shrubs struggling for life and dancing ruggedly and you understand because the mystery of this primordial land guides you, but the void that is the desert is constantly birthing a world of sacred splendor, passion and a tenderness beyond imagining.

What then explodes softly in you and in front of you, is a supernova of wildlife. I saw cheetah eating a wildebeest in a sacred violent feast. I watched leopards move through the sunburnt grass eight feet away. I came at night to a waterhole where two male elephants were standing leaning tenderly against each other and filling their world with a luminous grand peace. In Namibia you can be graced if you open the revelation of the divine animal that you are one with and that longs to be born in you.

In Namibia all these multiple revelations happen effortlessly in the wild world that is Namibia and Namibia itself has a surreal ferocious history, because it was in Namibia that 85 thousand Herrero’s were systematically exterminated by the German Imperialists in what were the first concentration camps. Despite this tragic scar on its soul and despite corruption and economic desolation, Namibia is a place in which a new vision of tribal unity and passion for conservation and desire for a just community are coming together. So being here puts you in a state of concentration and a reaction to all the forces that are now struggling for a birth of a new humanity.

The tour that we have constructed for you is an ideal journey into this magical desert world. It will be accompanied by readings of the mystical poets and very simple instruction and fundamental ways of connecting with your divine identity. There will be periods of noble silence as we travel together in the desert and evenings of celebration and laughter and dance and simple communion. What I conceive this pilgrimage as is a practice of living in harmony with the glory of nature.

Please come on our first opening up of Namibia. We would be honored to have you with us and share in these wonders with you.

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June 10, 2019
June 18, 2019
9 days Authentic Namibia A La Carte Safari with Andrew Harvey
Andrew Harvey