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Liberals and progressives need a strategy for the Obama years! A STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE for Liberals and Progressives

Liberals and progressives need a strategy for the Obama years! A STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE for Liberals and Progressives

June 11–14 • Washington, D.C.

Inviting: social change activists and intellectuals • spiritual and religious people • secular humanists • artists and poets filmmakers and writers • scientists and techies • small business people and philanthropists • and the rest of us!

Sponsored by Tikkun and the Network of Spiritual Progressives. Co-sponsored by The Nation, Progressive Democrats of America, Yes! magazine, Peace Action,, Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Code Pink, the Backbone Campaign, the Shalom Center, Pace e Bene, The Center for Progressive Christianity, and the Metta Institute

Presenters include: Congressman Keith Ellison, Chris Hedges, Rev. Brian McLaren, Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister, Bill McKibben, Riane Eisler, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Peter Gabel, Sharon Welch, David Korten, Rev. Graylan Hagler, Robert Thurman, John Dear S.J., Medea Benjamin, Bill Moyer, Rev. Conrad Braaten, Robert McChesney, John Nichols, Paul Wapner, Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Marianne Williamson, Rev. Jeremy Ben-Ami, Shaul Magid, David Loy, and more.

Support Obama to BE the Obama Americans Thought We Elected in 2008

This is not a bash-Obama event. The immense power of the banks,
the corporate-owned and -dominated media, the military-industrial
complex, and the security apparatus of the global American Empire is
more than any president could handle by himself.

The failure of congressional Democrats and the president to build
on the powerful electoral mandate of 2008 opened the door to the
right wing, enabling it to present itself as a quasi-populist force
rebelling against the powerful and opposing the misguided bailout
of big banks and Wall Street. People would be feeling di!erently if the
Democrats and the president had refused to bail out the banks without
“rst securing funding for the following initiatives: a massive, ongoing
job program; a safety net for unemployed and middle-income people
hurt by the economic meltdown; the creation of a National Bank with
adequate funds to provide an alternative to failing banks; the provision
(in accord with the Bible’s injunction) of NO-INTEREST loans to support
socially valuable investments and small businesses; the increase of the
minimum wage to a “living wage”; and a Global and Domestic Marshall

In addition, the Democrats could have generated broad support
by embracing “Medicare for Everyone” (rather than a deeply #awed
health care reform involving huge giveaways to the pharmaceuticals
and insurance companies), and by reframing their program from a
focus on “rights” and “entitlements” to a focus on our collective need
to care for each other and for the planet. Don’t blame the Democrats’
failures on the alleged swing to the right of Americans—
just three months ago the majority of Americans opposed
the proposed escalation of war in Afghanistan, despite all
the militarist cheerleading to continue the “war on terror”
somewhere, anywhere, everywhere.

All these missed opportunities have caused widespread
disillusionment and despair, which have demobilized the
liberal and progressive forces, making them likely to su!er
in the 2010 elections—and the media will continue to
represent this as a move of the country toward the right.

The big winner is corporate power, now given a new
boost by the Supreme Court’s declaring campaign spending limits on
corporations unconstitutional. And it is this corporate power that is the
source of so much of what distorts our society, rapes the environment,
and champions endless wars.

The 2008 elections revealed the great yearning of a majority
of Americans for a world based on peace, social justice, generosity,
environmental sensitivity, and caring. A campaign for an
Environmental and Social Responsibility Amendment to the
U.S. Constitution plus a Global Marshall Plan may help revive that
idealism. Obama won’t do this for us—IT’S UP TO US.

It’s not enough to “just say no” to: Palin-ites and “Tea Party” right-wing populists • the Supreme Court’s decision to give
corporations free rein to control our elections • the Obama budget freeze on social programs but not on military spending.

Tikkun is the voice of spiritual progressives.

And… you do NOT have to believe in God or be
religious to be a spiritual progressive. To learn
more and go to

June 11–14 • Washington, D.C.
Register at or call 510-644-1200

A magazine of politics, spirituality, and culture
to heal, repair, and transform the world.
The Environmental and Social Responsibility
Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
Corporations are not persons. Spending money on an election
is not “free speech.” The planet and all of its people deserve to be
protected against the power, inluence, and environmental destructiveness
of the large corporations, banks, and insurance companies,
and from the concentrated power and ability to control information
and shape public opinion that now resides in the hands of the
super-wealthy (the top 1 percent of wealth-holders in the world).

Resist the Corporate Takeover
of American Society
At the conference we will discuss:

• An Environmental and Social Responsibility
Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Supreme
Court’s ruling that corporations have the same rights as
other “persons”

• A Global Marshall Plan (developed by the Network of
Spiritual Progressives and just introduced into Congress as
H. Res. 1016 by Congressman Keith Ellison) to end global and
domestic poverty, homelessness, hunger, and inadequate health
care and education, as well as repair the global environment.

• YOUR IDEAS about how progressive and liberal movements can
work together to build a world of love, generosity, ecological sanity,
and caring for each other!

Politics is the art of the possible, but don’t let “what is
possible” be de!ned by the corporate media or even by our
liberal elected representatives. As we have learned from the
successes of the women’s movement, the LGBT movement, and the
civil rights movement—we don’t know what is possible until we
start to “ght for what is morally right.

Come help us build a rational and e!ective strategy.
Yes, the Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP) has become
the activist voice of the interfaith religious Left and spiritual Left!
But we also have a vigorous mix of secular humanists who don’t
believe in God and are not part of a religious or spiritual community.
They are people who have a spiritual dimension to their personal experience
and who agree with the central tenet of the NSP, our “New Bottom
Line,” which seeks to assess e$ciency, rationality, and productivity
not in terms of how much money or power has been assembled, but in
what we call a spiritual way. In other words, we consider the extent to
which any given corporation, social policy, law, educational institution,
medical establishment, religious institution, or personal behavior generates
more love, kindness, generosity, caring for others, environmental
and ethical behavior, or awe, wonder, and radical amazement at
the grandeur and mystery of the universe.

If you can support that New Bottom Line and can get beyond letting the people with power and the media tell you what is “realistic,” then you are a spiritual progressive and ought to be part of our Network of Spiritual Progressives.

So our conference in Washington, D.C., is in part a renewal of the
Network of Spiritual Progressives. But you’ll note that our speakers and
workshops broadly address the needs of American society and are not
just of interest to people who see themselves as having a spiritual part
of their consciousness. The NSP is pro-science and pro-rationality—not
a new religious or leftie sect group but a new way of doing politics.

Make checks to Tikkun and mail to:
Tikkun Conference, 2342 Shattuck Ave, Suite 1200
Berkeley, CA 94704, or call 510-644-1200
Please note that prices go up after April 10, 2010.

For people who are neither current members of the Network of
Spiritual Progressives nor current subscribers to Tikkun:

!”Students or annual household incomes below $40k/yr: $50
(after April 10: $75)

! One day only (tell us which day? ____________________________ ): $40

!”Standard conference fee for household incomes $40k–$170k/yr: $150
($225 after April 10)

!”One day only fee (tell us which day? _________________________ ): $75

!”High household incomes (above $170k/yr): $250 ($325 after April 10)

!”One day only fee (tell us which day? ________________________ ): $135
For people who are either current members of the Network of
Spiritual Progressives or current subscribers to Tikkun:

!”Students or household annual incomes under $40k/yr: $40; ($55 after 4/10)

!”One day only fee (tell us which day? __________________________: $30
($40 after April 10)

!”Standard conference fee for NSP members and Tikkun subscribers with
incomes $40k–$170k: $100. ($200 after April 10.)

!”One day only fee (tell us which day? __________________________: $60
($100 after April 10)

!”High household incomes (about $170k/yr): $200 ($275 after April 10)

!”One day only fee (tell us which day? ________________________ ): $120
($150 after April 10)

!”I can’t come but I’ll donate to help others to come $ _________________

You don’t have to be religious or believe in God…
to be a spiritual progressive

We are the action arm of Tikkun magazine. “Tikkun” means “healing
and repair” (of the world). Our commitment is to save the planet from
the ecological destruction that we, our children, and grandchildren
will face in the next “ve decades, unless people speedily adopt a New

Bottom Line and come to see that “growth” (both in terms of more
material goods and in terms of population) must be replaced with the
higher value of creating a world in which we stop seeking more things
and more power, and instead start creating more kindness and generosity
toward everyone on the planet. We seek to work in coalition with
others, knowing that we don’t have all the answers. Our primary goal is
not to pass this or that piece of legislation, but to promote changes of
consciousness that will make it possible for us to replace the materialism
and sel”shness that gets promoted by the global capitalist marketplace
with an economic and political life based on environmental sustainability, peace, social justice, and love and caring for each other.

Want to go beyond the call of duty and help us meet
the large expenses we have to put on this conference?
Or donate to help us move beyond the conference to hire
sta” to carry forward our program? Here’s how:
!”$350 Sponsoring Donor
!”$500 Patron
!”$1,000 Super Generous Supporter
!”$2,500 Financially Blessed Supporter
!”$5,000 Angel
!”Check made out to Tikkun enclosed

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Come to the Conference June 11–14 in Washington, D.C.
TO REGISTER: mail in the form below or sign up online at

Intern or Volunteer for Tikkun/NSP
Summer 2010 or Sept 2010–June 2011
Work at Tikkun as Rabbi Lerner’s Assistant
for Beyt Tikkun Synagogue and the NSP

June 11, 2010
June 14, 2010
Washington DC United States
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