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Living Spiritual Elders Project: A 10-week Discovery and Discussion Series




Psychotherapist, spiritual director and author Meredith Jordan invites you to join her for The Living Spiritual Elders Project 2012, an inspiring ten-week discovery and discussion series.

The Living Spiritual Elders Project uses rare DVD films and audio CDs to explore the teachings of revered spiritual elders from diverse faith and spiritual traditions. In this series of ten weekly sessions, we will plumb the wisdom of the elders of our human family; wisdom that assists us in renewing our personal lives and shaping our common destiny.

The times in which we live are tumultuous, and more of us are actively being called to take up the role of elder in our families, communities and world. This is a time to look to the sages of our times for guidance, to listen to the voice of inner wisdom and to make responsible choices that will shape the world for the children to come.

We honor the importance of this time in human history by creating a space for quiet reflection and deep conversation with others who share this awareness with us.


What people are saying…

“Thanks to Meredith Jordan and The Living Spiritual Elders Project, I was introduced to amazing men and women whose teachings will comfort, inspire and guide me well into the future. But of even more importance, I was shown a window into my own soul and discovered qualities and abilities I never suspected I possessed. What a marvelous gift.” (Burt Kempner, Dreamkeepers Media)  

“I just finished my third series of The Living Spiritual Elders Project and will happily be coming back for more! From her vast library, Meredith Jordan carefully selects presentations by and about elders of all spiritual traditions that teach, inspire and enrich. She leads discussions that enlighten all participants. The classes, all so different and yet each of such high quality, provide food for my soul and light for my personal journey.” (Susan Walters, Educator/Consultant)




About the Project… 

Using audio-visual DVDs and audio CDs, our study circle will share in the sacred wisdom teachings of multi-cultural and interfaith living elders such as the recent Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee, Don Miguel Ruiz, Fred Martinez of the “Two Spirits” people, Eckhart Tolle, Nelson Mandela, Benazir Bhutto, Pina Bausch, Jane Goodall (new film), and the highly acclaimed films “Women of Tibet” and “American Teacher.”

These inspiring multi-cultural teachers provide a rich source of collective wisdom to those poised to inherit the role of elder within our families, communities, workplaces and the world. This is a rare chance to experience and assimilate the richness of their stories now, when humanity needs the wise counsel of the elders who walk a wisdom path and mark the way for all of us!

Participants will be encouraged to search our own depths to find the particular gifts we carry for the good of all. In small study circles—exploring interfaith spiritual practices, listening to one another in sacred witness, sharing both the laughter and tears of our human journey—we have an extraordinary chance to enrich one another’s lives and inspire all of us to affirm our place as living elders. 

Register early as space is limited!




We will meet ten Tuesday afternoons 4-6:30 pm from January 17th through March 20th, 2012. Cost for the 10 week series is $250. For those who register before January 10, 2012, we offer an early registration fee of $235. 
The group is limited to 15 participants. We meet in “The Living Room” at 5562 Chanteclaire in The Meadows, Sarasota. You will receive directions with confirmation of registration, as well as a short list of recommended reading. 

For more information, call 941-378-3863 or email



The Living Spiritual Elders Project


Sarasota Series 2012

January 17th thru March 20th 


To register, please complete and send:







Email: ________________________________________


Mail with full payment payable to Meredith Jordan, 5562 Chanteclaire, Sarasota, FL 34235.

Please forward this email to friends and colleagues who might be interested in this project.  Questions: Call 941-378-3863 or email


ABOUT MEREDITH JORDAN: An acclaimed psychotherapist and interfaith spiritual director, Meredith Jordan is founder of The Living Spiritual Elders Project and co-founder and director of Rogers McKay, a non-profit, multi-faith, spiritual-educational organization. Jordan is author of two books, Standing Still: Hearing the Call to a Spirit-Centered Life (2006) and Embracing the Mystery: The Sacred Unfolding in Ordinary People and Everyday Lives (2004). Both books are available at major booksellers or online at

January 17, 2012
March 20, 2012
The Living Room
Sarasota FL United States
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