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Marcus Borg: Beyond Atheism; The Truth and Limits of the Atheist Critique

Arizona Foundation for

     Contemporary Theology

December 10, 2008

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Marcus Borg: Beyond Atheism

Amy-Jill Levine: Christians Say the Darndest Things

Finding the Gift in Shift

Marcus Borg in Tucson

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Let your friends and all the fans of Marcus Borg and Amy-Jill Levine know that these world renowned authors and biblical scholars will be in Phoenix soon.  Download this flyer and post it on student bulletin boards, in your church, synagogue, library, bookstore or on your MySpace and Facebook pages to help us get the word out. Thanks!


Borg and Levine Flyer


Marcus Borg


Beyond Atheism
The Truth and Limits of the Atheist Critique  

  Marcus Borg   

 Thursday, January 29th, 7:00 PM

Marcus Borg


There is no doubt that religion has played an intellectually and morally ambiguous role in human culture.  Indeed, some forms of religion are as bad as atheists throughout history have suggested.  The recent popular critiques by atheists such as Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens have reinvigorated the conversation. Borg will articulate an understanding of God that is not vulnerable to their critique.

Marcus Borg, Hundere Distinguished Professor of Religion and Culture at Oregon State University, is an internationally known Biblical and Jesus scholar. He is the author of sixteen books, including Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, The God We Never Knew, and The Heart of Christianity. His ability to make complicated theological and historical teachings accessible and alive to a wide range of audiences has led to his appearance on many national television shows.

co-sponsored with 

Church of the Beatitudes

555 W Glendale Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85021 


               $20 ($18 before 1/15/09)

               $17 Family Member ($15 before 1/15)
               $  5 Student (scholarships available)

          Register:, 480-488-6453
                        Check to: AzFCT
   10187 E. Sundance Trail, Scottsdale , AZ   85262


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 Amy-Jill Levine



Amy-Jill Levine

February 20th – 22nd
Amy-Jill Levine 

    Christians Say the Darnedest Things–about Judaism: MisunderstandingJudaism Means Misunderstanding Jesus


Fri. Feb. 20, 7pm, Paradise Valley UMC
Sat. Feb 21, 9:30am-3:00pm, PVUMC
Sun. Feb. 22, 8:30am Rio Verde Community   Church
Sun.10:00am The Fountains UMC, Fountain Hills




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Finding the Gift in Shift

January 9-11, 2009
3rd Annual Finding the Gift in Shift
in the mystical Red Rocks of Sedona 
Opening Keynote Speaker
Gregg Braden
Closing Keynote Speaker
Gary Renard
With: Peggy Phoenix Dubro Dr. Chet Snow, Rev. Mark Pope, Sandy Cowen, Michael James, Bert Janssen, Heather Clewett-Jachowski, J.Ann Dunn, Gavin Carruthers, Anya Mann, Sunny Dawn Johnston, Sandy Cowen, John English, Randall Libero, Robert Pease, and Jane Elizabeth Smith

Information: or 866.304.8700




Marcus Borg In Tucson

January 30–31, 2009

Marcus Borg
The Conflict in American Christianity: Being Christian in the 21st Century

The Good Shepherd United Church of Christ
17750 S. La Canada , Sahuarita (just south of Tucson )

 Christians and churches in North America are very aware of the deep divide that has occurred between two very different visions of Christianity—including ways of seeing the Bible, language, traditions, the Christian life and practices.  Borg's lectures will help the participants to see beyond the struggles and divisions and move beyond them to a place where the richness and depth of the Christian faith can be experienced, lived and appreciated-even in the 21st century.

More information: 520-625-1375 or


New  Resources


The Progressive Christian Magazine includes a blog by the Rev. Dr Donna Schaper, Senior Minster of Judson Memorial Church and author of Grassroots Gardening: Rituals  to Sustain Activists. 


The Center for Progressive Christanity newsletter ( has a thought-provoking article by Ken Wilber on "A Spirituality that Transforms"  , as well as several other readings. 



A reminder about Barry Blood's blog: 




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