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Matt Lucy’s Version Births – A Christmas Pageant

Join us for Plymouth’s annual Christmas pageant! This year, the children will perform “Matt & Lucy’s Version Births”.

There are four “canonical” gospels in the Bible. While Matthew and Luke are the only gospels to tell the story of Jesus’ birth, their stories are very different from one another.

Our play opens as Matt & Lucy volunteer to help with this year’s Christmas pageant. Little do they know that the Director will give them each a different script and leave them to work out how to put on a play with conflicting story lines, characters, and settings.

As the play ends, the Director explains how having two stories gives us an appreciation of the diversity of ways early Christians expressed their understanding of who Jesus was.

December 16, 2012
December 16, 2012
5927 Louetta Rd
Spring TX United States
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Ginny Brown Daniel