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New Courses The Chaplaincy Institute


We are a community of interfaith and inter-spiritual chaplains, ministers, spiritual directors, and leaders. We are united and inspired by an urgency to prioritize the reciprocal relationships between humans and the earth, each other, and the Great Mystery that is known by many names and is beyond all names.


* Serve as an Interfaith Chaplain

* Be ordained an Interfaith Community Minister

* Provide Interfaith Spiritual Direction

* Explore an Open Course or Elective

* Become an Eco-Minister

* Study Spiritual Psychology

* Serve as a Guide in Expanded States of Awareness

* Nurture (or develop) your potential for spiritual leadership, social change and creative service.

* Bring a deeper part of yourself to your professional life (or integrate your spiritual life with your professional life).

* Foster interfaith dialogue, understanding and celebration in your community.

* Explore or better understand your own evolving spiritual path.

If you, too, seek to make a difference in your lifetime—–as a spiritual care provider for hospice, hospitals, crisis situations, prisons, environment, education, corporations, military, and in so many more innovative ways only now just unfolding––The Chaplaincy Institute seminary can provide the education you seek.

Our ChI Community is the recognized ordaining body that provides us with ongoing certification, connection, and unlimited opportunities for co-creative collaboration toward realizing our vision of a “just world that honors the sacred connection of all.”


September 28, 2020
December 5, 2020