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New Online Programs for those called by Earth and Spirit to Return to the Great Conversation


We are excited to offer several new virtual and experiential Seminary of the Wild programs designed to support your journey of ecological awakening and a new kind of leadership.



Re-member and reclaim the deep, sacramental rhythms of life.

An Online Immersion Friday and Saturday, July 30th & 31st

from 8:30 am – 11 am Pacific; and 3 pm – 5 pm Pacific

You will explore an ecocentric approach to cultivating your own innate wholeness, to sacred connection with the land, to discovering and embodying your own deep rhythms as a spiritual practice, through sacred art, Way of Council, wanders on the land, Sensio Divina, dreamwork, designing personal ceremony, and more. Participants will learn some dynamics of ritual and ceremony to build new habits in your life around sabbath and Creation Care.


Matt Syrdal | Lead Guide & Co-Founder of Seminary of the Wild:

“The Sacraments (mysteries) were designed to invite us into a life of sacred reciprocity with the wild, magnificent divinity in Earth and Self. Today, we know our present ecological crisis has spiritual roots. In this age of nature-deficit disorder, disillusionment, and ecological destruction, what is needed more than ever perhaps is to re-learn ceremonial ways of living in right relationship with Earth.”


Wendy Janzen: Co-Guide

Wendy is one of the leaders in the Wild Church Network, and the pastor of Burning Bush Forest Church which she founded in 2016. She is a spiritual director, public speaker, retreat leader, wild liturgist, and an ordained pastor in the Mennonite Church. She  lives in Kitchener Ontario with her family


The deep imaginal realm is like treasure hidden in the field of your life, a key to the doorway of your destiny.

What vision might you discover and embody for your people? 

In the Western world, we have lost access to the essential mysteries of the divine. Many ancient cultures and indigenous peoples knew that the Otherworld was the place of revelation and source of vision, offering a gift for cultural artistry and transformation that enhanced the vitality and future of the whole community — the human and more-than-human community.

Join Guide Matt Syrdal:

Program Dates (Pacific Time): 

Saturday, August 14th | 8:30-11am; 3-5pm

Friday, August 20th | 8:30-11am

Friday, August 27th | 8:30-11am; 3-5pm

** “Mysteries of the Kin-dom” is an advanced program. Prerequisite: previous or current enrollment in our Eco-Ministry Yearlong program OR, participation in one of our Wild Christ, Wild Earth, Wild Self events is required.**