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Rewilding the Pastor’s Soul: A Yearlong Eco-Ministry Immersion for Pastors and Other Spiritual Leaders




Seminary of the Wild Fall 2021 Yearlong Cohort:


“Rewilding the Pastor’s Soul:

A Yearlong Eco-Ministry Immersion for

Pastors and Other Spiritual Leaders”

Begins October 19th, 2021

Spiritual leaders are needed today who will simply say ‘yes’ to the painful but necessary awakening before us, who can show the rest of us how to follow our deepest desire to be part of something greater that is redemptive, who long to live more deeply connected with their our souls and the Earth. We need leaders who yearn to be joined with others to help us all reimagine and call forth into existence a world where death and destruction is replaced by a vast movement of life-enhancing wholeness and justice for all of creation.

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The Eco-Ministry Certificate program is open to anyone.  You do not need to be a pastor, a Christian, or a spiritual leader and most participants are not. Many are being called into service to the Great Turning, as Thomas Berry and Joanna Macy and many others have called this moment in history.  The program is a container, a “wild seed bed” for those who sense that they are standing on a threshold, ready to embody more authentically the call unique to their own soul and gifts, particular to their own bio-region and human community at this urgently important time of transition.

The The ReWilding the Pastor’s Soul program, offered Fall 2021, provides essentially the same Eco-Ministry Certificate experience, but is particularly targeted to pastors and others in positions of spiritual leadership (however you define that for yourself!) When the inner call to a deeper faith, more connected with the natural world, more challenging to the status quo comes for spiritual leaders, it can be challenging finding support and companionship on that journey. As well, many studies show that pastors suffer the highest rates of burn-out, loneliness, and depression amongst all professions. Many in spiritual leadership often get so focused on tending to the needs of others that they neglect the well-being of their own souls.

For all, Seminary of the Wild is a safe (yet uncomfortable, as every threshold of change promises) container for the changes happening within you and the changes you’re being called to bring into the world.

Seminary of the Wild ™  is a unique, psycho-spiritual educational paradigm—the first of its kind— rooted in direct experience. We weave the nature-based practices of wholing and healing work adapted largely from Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute—practices that have formed us as guides and our approach to human development—within a “rewilded and always rewilding” Christian framework.

The Seminary of the Wild Eco-ministry Certificate Program  is an experiential, nature-based, yearlong offering to help you remember your primary participation in sacred Earth. In the face of profound ecological and social challenges, a New Story is emerging. At the core of that Story is a weaving of an ancient path and a new way of relating to Earth, other species, each other, and the Divine. Thomas Berry calls this path “The Dream of the Earth.” This deep and wild course is an animated and inter-connected conversation between all things.


SUMMER 2022 YEARLONG COHORT “Eco-Ministry Certificate: A Yearlong Immersion for All Who are Called By Earth and Spirit to Step Into Their Unique Role in the Great Turning” Begins June, 2022


October 19, 2021 - September 30, 2022
In-person and online