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Do you want to be a successful Ritual Leader but aren’t really sure how to do it?

There are many secrets to creating successful rituals and infusing them with spiritual magic and heart.

Over the years, many of you have asked us to develop a training program to design successful, transformational rituals for your clients, friends and communities. In response to this, we’re excited to announce our new Certification course to become a successful

Ritual Leader Training

July 11-14, 2019 in Redwood City, CA

Rituals and Celebrations

As a Ritual Leader you will:

  • Structure ritual space so it flows from beginning, middle to the end
  • Create effective boundaries so everyone feels safe
  • Set intentions to get desired results for your clients
  • Attend skillfully to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of rituals
  • Learn effective use of altars, props, music, drumming, guided meditation, shamanic techniques, natural elements and more
  • Hold a powerful space and know what to do even when unexpected things occur during the ritual

Join our Ritual Community and get certified as a Healing Ritual Facilitator™ from Tree of Life Teachings International, our non-profit organization dedicated to Psycho-Spiritual Healing and the Sacred Arts.

We teach you to create powerful rituals and to be a successful, confident practitioner.

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The Ritual Leader Training course trains you to create and facilitate healing rituals for individuals, couples, families and groups. This includes personalized rituals tailored to individual needs, as well as group rituals centered on a particular theme such as grief, life-cycle celebrations or rites of passage.

Through the creative expressive arts of ritual, psychodrama, chanting, drumming, storytelling and more, you experience these healing techniques firsthand and learn how to use these techniques with others.

This certificate is highly experiential and is designed for health-care professionals, clergy, spiritual directors, chaplains, therapists, group facilitators, life coaches, religious professionals and interested students.

The purpose of Healing Ritual is to create altered states of consciousness to focus personal intention, integrate parts of our personality, make us receptive to healing and call in Spirit to access energy shifts and new perspectives.

After 35 years working together as Ministers, Spiritual Teachers and Ritual Leaders and training with some Master Ritual and Shamanic Practitioners, we’ve created a program to train you to be a successful Healing Ritual Facilitator™.

Why are Healing Rituals so powerful?

Rituals, when created and facilitated with skill and love, can shift energy that has become stuck through individual and collective trauma, family patterns and life circumstances. Therapy and Spiritual Direction help us talk through and process problems, trauma and grief – and yet it is often not enough to really shift the energy needed for true and lasting healing.

Personal and Communal Rituals can shift, change, cleanse and clear the energy around a person, family, group or community in a very short period of time.

For thousands of years people have gathered in community to create rituals of celebration, grief, loss, life cycles, reconciliation, birth, death, marriage, connection to the earth and cosmos and so much more.

Our ancestors knew that rituals were crucial to the health and well-being of their people. Rituals keep the energy flowing and heal wounds and hurts when energy gets stuck. Rituals help us flow around the seasons of life and enjoy the rejuvenation that come with rebirth and change.

Mistakes Ritual Leaders make

We know many of you in the helping professions – Ministers, Therapists, Chaplains, Spiritual Guides and Healers – want to lead successful rituals but you aren’t really sure how to do it. There aren’t many manuals out there guiding you step-by-step to create safe, successful, life-altering rituals. And when you don’t really know what you’re doing, things can go wrong.

We’ve been to many rituals where the leader is ineffective, nervous and lacking skills. They laugh, break the sacred space and fail to engage participants.

We know firsthand how things can go wrong in rituals that are not facilitated well. Unskilled Ritual Leaders often ruin a golden opportunity. From these experiences we have identified the 7 biggest mistakes Ritual Leaders make.

Click here for the 7 Biggest Mistakes Ritual Leaders make!

Click here for the 7 Biggest Mistakes Ritual Leaders make!

How to be a Successful Ritual Leader

We’ll train you to be a confident, skilled, effective practitioner to lead rituals, rites of passage and life-cycle celebrations. We will show you many secrets to creating successful rituals and techniques to infuse them with spiritual magic and heart.

  • A successful Ritual Leader feels confident and open
  • A successful Ritual Leader creates structure AND freedom for spirit to move in the moment
  • A successful Ritual Leader is mindful, aware and flexible
  • A successful Ritual Leader is sensitive to the energy flow and sensitive to the feelings of participants.

Train to be a skilled Ritual Leader so you can facilitate powerful rituals for the world today.

MeganJim Bar Mitzvah

Facilitated by Megan Wagner and Jim Larkin

We have been working together for 35 years: teaching, training and facilitating rituals for individuals and groups. We trained with Master Ritualists and Shaman Malidoma and Sobonfu Some, Erika Helm and Michael Meade, Martin Prechtel, Robert Bly and Marian Woodman.

We are thrilled you want to train to be a Ritual Leader.  We need effective ritual Practitioners who can hold, initiate and empower others to live in Mastery and Joy!


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July 11, 2019
July 14, 2019
Redwood City CA
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