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Sacred Masculine & Feminine Offerings


I find myself these days holding sacred space so that a new, more loving and coherent paradigm can be born within each soul and within our society.

Can we do it? Yes I believe we can!

One of my goals is to bring the Sacred Feminine energy side-by-side with the Sacred Masculine so that we can solve our current challenges creatively and together.

Many of you know I do this through my Feminine Path of Power Initiation Training and now my partner, Jim Larkin, is offering the Masculine Path of Power – Divine Masculine Initiation Training, including 5 Men’s Initiation Stories with 5 Sacred Robes as the 5 Divine Masculine Archetypes of the Warrior, King, Visionary, Manifestor and Wise Sage.



Masculine Path of Power  Aug 4 – Dec 1, 2020
ONLINE Tuesday evenings 6-8pm Pacific time Register now

Those of you who have benefited from the Feminine Path of Power, please encourage the men in your life to sign up for the Summer/Fall premier online program! I guarantee it will change lives!

ALSO – I’ll be starting another Feminine Path of Power cohort Aug 3 – Dec 14, 2020
ONLINE Monday evenings 5:30-7:30pm Pacific time. Register now

There’s another FREE event I want to tell you about:
Gender Conscious Online Forum 2020 – June 15-19
I’ve been invited to participate as a speaker at Gender Conscious Online Forum 2020, next to other +20 Brilliant leaders in the Gender field. You can still register for FREE at www.  You can actually get a great deal for a limited time!



There’s a FULL-ACCESS PASS to the online forum that includes:

  • one-year unlimited access to the +20 enlightening conversations that will only be shared during the broadcast dates of the event for FREE participants
  • Video and mp3 formats
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUSES like Master classes with renowned authors, as well as a FREE 6-month membership to a Gender Conscious community where you will be able to keep learning and sharing with the best experts in the field.




These are opportunities to go deeper with your spiritual tribe!

Hope to see you soon,


August 3, 2020 6:00 PM
December 14, 2020 8:00 PM
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