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Sense of the Sacred with a Certificate Program in Leadership and the Creation Spirituality Tradition 


Global Ministries University announces a new GMU Certificate Program in Leadership and the Creation Spirituality Tradition with  Rev. Dr Matthew Fox, Chair of GMU Creation Spirituality Dept., and outstanding faculty including Paula Artac D.Min., Mary Ann Cejka Ph.D., Gianluigi Gugliermetto, Ph.D., Andrew Harvey, Theodore Richards, Ph.D., Broderick Rodell, Ph.D., Mirabai Star

Rediscover the Sense of the Sacred! 

This program will prepare participants to become deeper and more grounded mystics who are lovers of creation, and prophets who are courageous warriors ready to defend creation in order to bring forth a more just and ecologically sound and sustainable civilization.

Online seminars include: 

Original Blessing, Cosmic Christ and other Foundational Teachings of Creation Spirituality
Ecology and the New Cosmology
What the Mystics Teach us about Courage, Love and Responsibility
Reinventing Culture and Work
Deep Ecumenism or Interfaith

Art as Meditation choices include: 

Creating Haikus
Scribing for the Soul, Journaling from the Heart: Illuminating the Mind
Yoga: The Art of Virtuous Living

Depending upon enrollment, the Program is scheduled to begin on March 15. Most of the courses run for 10 weeks with weekly 90 minute Zoom Meetings online.

Click here for a detailed description of the Program and Faculty Bios.

Tuition credit for GMU’s Masters and Doctorate Degree programs available upon completion of the program.

In this Certificate Program on Leadership and the Creation Spirituality tradition, we will draw from the principles of CS to deepen our understanding of our place in the cosmos and in our cultures; to explore who we are in our depths; to discover and learn from the deepest wisdom teachers of our culture; to learn the new creation story from science and how to apply the principles of CS to diverse challenges facing us as a species. We will explore how to bring spiritual values to our work in the world and our work with people of other spiritual traditions than our own and who also honor creation as sacred and as a source of revelation that it so often is.

For information on start date and costs please email

March 15, 2020
May 17, 2020