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Sophia: A Re-imagined Community – Recruiting Students for 2022



Sophia Theological Seminary, a new ‘little b’ baptist seminary located in Dinwiddie, VA, proudly announces that is now actively recruiting for an inaugural cohort of students to begin in June 2022.

Convinced that, in a changing environment, theological education requires a wise and creative re-imagining. Sophia (Greek for “wisdom”) is founded on two entities intertwined to form this single endeavor. Sophia Farms is a small-scale, intensive produce farm that exists (1) to farm responsibly in relation to God’s good creation and its community and crucially (2) to fund Sophia Theological Seminary, whose students — alongside faculty, other leaders, and partners — function as the labor force for the farm. The proceeds from the farm’s produce fund the seminary’s operating costs, allowing Sophia students  to receive education tuition- and rent-free.

Sophia offers a single degree, a three-year MDiv. The seminary’s curriculum, also re-imagined, is fully seminar-based and team-taught by faculty members and vocational ministers in partner churches and organizations. This model for learning is fully integrated: across academic disciplines, across the (wrongly) perceived divide between “academic” and “practical,” and between the classroom and God’s good land. Sophia holds as central to its communal life inclusivity, collaboration, sustainability, and stewardship.

If you are considering seminary, or know someone who is, please see Sophia’s website ( or email for more information and for application materials.

January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022