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Soulseeds Inner Peace e-Retreat- free offering!


E-retreats take you into a deeper aspect of your specific journey through practical tips and affirmations. Sign up now and expect to see big changes in your life!

Receive one session each weekday for 4 weeks by email.

Sowers will be able select from a variety of retreats that are customized for the Soulseeds community!

Journal during the retreat to cultivate peace in your life.


View a Sample of a Daily Session Here


About Soulseeds

Soulseeds offers inspiration for ALL people. No matter what your life situation, our diverse range of online resources, services and merchandise will enrich your journey. We want to help you to be ALL that you can be, and we want to help your business to be ALL that it can be, so that the seed of love can spread freely around the world.

Soulseeds is passionate about nurturing, cultivating and growing the seed within so that all people can find their full human potential and together we can sow the seed of peace in the world. Soulseeds offers affirmations, resources and community to all people, of all faiths and no faith, to nurture spiritual growth and global healing.


The Vision

Soulseeds is a place for you to grow your spirit. We believe in the power of positive thought. Just one thought can lead you toward a more loving and peaceful life. It can also seed the change of love in the world.

The seeds are about tending your mind’s garden with awareness. Practice thoughts that help you to see the world with greater love and possibility. Set the intention that you are lovable and loved, that your life has purpose and that you are a seed of kindness. So it will be. Believe in your amazing essence and bring many of your deepest intentions into reality.

Dream big and make a wish on these seeds as they gently find their way into the lives of others. Celebrate as you move from SEEDS TO DEEDS like a blooming sunflower rising to greet a spring day.


In Our Words

We are Ian and Meg Lawton, the founders of Soulseeds. We are fellow sowers in this wonderful garden of life and offer you these soulseeds to help make the world a more loving place.

We have three amazing kids who teach us over and over again the power of thought, and how this influences our words and in turn becomes our actions. We are an Australian family who have traveled many places and now live in America. We see this entire world as a garden in which to grow love, peace and beauty.

Ian is a spiritual leader of a growing world-wide community with a 20 year background in pastoral, change and grief support. He is an author and lectures internationally on contemporary spirituality. He has been blogging and writing daily affirmations for several years.

Meg is an elementary teacher, author, and artist who writes about being a mindful mother. She has been blogging for two years about the spiritual life of family, and a growing international readership tunes into her blog each week.

Soulseeds is the vision that brings together this combined experience and commitment to help make our lives, your lives and this world a thriving garden.

So plant the seed of intention with us and grow fresh perspectives and mindful words. Grow from the inside out, cultivating a more loving and beautiful garden, beginning with yourself.

Now is the time to plant possibility here at Soulseeds.

Clear out the weeds, and select your seeds, for your plot is ready.

Ian and Meg


March 1, 2014
March 1, 2015
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