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The Future is Calling Us to Greatness with Michael Dowd

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Your Host – Michael Dowd


Michael Dowd is a bestselling evolutionary theologian and evangelist for an honorable relationship to the future. His bridge-building book, Thank God for Evolution, was endorsed by 6 Nobel Prize-winning scientists, noted skeptics, and by religious leaders across the spectrum. His ministry has been featured in The New York Times, LA Times, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Newsweek, Discover, and on CNN, ABC News, and Fox News. Michael and his science-writer wife, Connie Barlow, have spoken to nearly two thousand groups across North America since 2002. Their passion is showing how a deeply meaningful and fully evidence-based view of reality can inspire people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs to live in joyful integrity and cooperate in service of a just and thriving future for all. (Michael’s two TEDx talks and other video, audio, and text publications can be accessed here / His wikipedia page, here.)

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These sessions are now available for purchase and preview:


Monday, Jan 26

11:00am PT
Inspiring ‘Green for All’ Justice
with Nikki Silvestri

12:00pm PT
The Message and Movement
with Bill McKibben

1:00pm PT
The Largest Social Movement in the World
with Paul Hawken

2:00pm PT
Integral Wisdom for Challenging Times
with Ken Wilber

Tuesday, Jan 27

11:00am PT
Bringing Climate Science to Evangelicals
with Katharine Hayhoe

12:00pm PT
Speaking Prophetically in the U.S. Senate
with U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse

1:00pm PT
Winning the Story Wars by Calling People to Greatness
with Jonah Sachs

2:00pm PT
Saving the Grandchildren of All Species
with James Hansen

Wednesday, Jan 28

11:00am PT
The Great Disruption and Realistic Hope
with Paul Gilding

12:00pm PT
Nature Means Business: A Positive Vision
with Amy Larkin

1:00pm PT
Peak Everything as a Blessing
with Richard Heinberg

2:00pm PT
The Future of God and Human Flourishing
with Deepak Chopra

Thursday, Jan 29

11:00am PT
Igniting a Generation of Young People
with Barbara Jefferson

12:00pm PT
Transition Culture, Transition Network
with Rob Hopkins

1:00pm PT
The Promise of Collective Intelligence
with Tom Atlee

2:00pm PT
Gracefully Navigating the Long Emergency
with James Howard Kunstler

Friday, Jan 30

11:00am PT
Giving Prophetic Voice to Climate Science
with Joe Romm

12:00pm PT
The Promise of Conscious Evolution
with Barbara Marx Hubbard

1:00pm PT
The Prophetic Political Role of Spiritual Progressives
with Rabbi Michael Lerner

2:00pm PT
Living Purposefully with Death in Mind
with Carolyn Baker

Saturday, Jan 31

11:00am PT
The Archdruid Report on the Big Picture
with John Michael Greer

12:00pm PT
Telling the Climate Story to Inspire Action
with Susan Joy Hassol

1:00pm PT
The Power of Social Change 2.0
with David Gershon

2:00pm PT
How Business Can Help Green the World
with Chris Henderson

Sunday, Feb 1

11:00am PT
Global Wisdom and the Pro-Future Mission of en*theos
with Brian Johnson

12:00pm PT
The Sacred Side of Science
with Nancy Ellen Abrams & Joel Primack

1:00pm PT
Sacred Economics and the Rebirth of a Beautiful World
with Charles Eisenstein

2:00pm PT
The Art of Planetizing the Movement
with Drew Dellinger

Monday, Feb 2

11:00am PT
Climate: The Greatest Moral Issue in History
with Kathleen Dean Moore

12:00pm PT
Why Science Literacy is Essential
with J. Marshall Shepherd

1:00pm PT
Re-Localizing What Matters Most
with Michael Brownlee

2:00pm PT
Change the Story, Change the Future
with David Korten

Tuesday, Feb 3

11:00am PT
Integral Practice as a Blessing to Future Generations
with Terry Patten

12:00pm PT
Generation Waking Up
with Joshua Gorman

1:00pm PT
The Only Thing Future Generations Care About
with Derrick Jensen

2:00pm PT
Resisting Violence to Women, the Planet, the Future
with Lierre Keith

Wednesday, Feb 4

11:00am PT
Evidential Mysticism: The Art of Creation Spirituality
with Matthew Fox

12:00pm PT
The Sacred Wild Within and Without
with Bill Pfeiffer

1:00pm PT
Evolutionary Lessons from a Living Planet
with Elisabet Sahtouris

2:00pm PT
The Climate Meme Project
with Joe Brewer

Thursday, Feb 5

11:00am PT
Breakthrough Communities, Breakthrough Possibilities
with Carl Anthony and Paloma Pavel

12:00pm PT
Our Greatness is Expressed in Our Collective Conduct as a Species
with Duane Elgin

1:00pm PT
Evolving Wisdom in Service to a Healthy Future
with Craig Hamilton

2:00pm PT
Earth Honoring Faith
with Larry Rasmussen

Friday, Feb 6

11:00am PT
Project Drawdown
with Amanda Joy Ravenhill

12:00pm PT
Bidder 70, Peaceful Uprising, and Climate Justice
with Tim DeChristopher

1:00pm PT
The Shift Network: Promoting Personal and Planetary Transformation
with Stephen Dinan

2:00pm PT
Peak Prosperity, the Crash Course, and Helping Others Prepare
with Chris Martenson

Saturday, Feb 7

11:00am PT
How Chaos Catalyzes Emergence
with Peggy Holman

12:00pm PT
Emerging Faith for Emerging Challenges
with Brian McLaren

1:00pm PT
The ManKind Project and Gift Community
with Bill Kauth

2:00pm PT
Permaculture as Right Relationship to Reality
with Peter Bane

Sunday, Feb 8

11:00am PT
This Sacred Earth: Faith, Science, and the Future
with Philip Clayton

12:00pm PT
It’s Time for an Integral Islam
with Amir Ahmad Nasr

1:00pm PT
Global Dark Green Integrity
with Bron Taylor

2:00pm PT
Reality Is Lord! — Science, God, and Evil on a Rapidly Overheating Planet
with Michael Dowd


Symposium Overview

Now available for purchase individually or the complete set!

We each have experienced times of trouble that threaten to overwhelm our individual lives. In such times, a vision of possibility is essential. The same holds for the punctuations in history when whole societies face troubles of an immense and uncharted variety. Truly, we have arrived at such a time. Humans, unwittingly, have become a planetary force. We are changing irreversibly the very climate of our world. Henceforth, any actions we take as individuals and societies will be done in the new light of climate change. What vision will carry us forward and inspire us to work together? What vision will charge us with a sense of heroic purpose that the future is indeed calling us to greatness?

“How can we face the large-scale challenges of our time with hearts of gratitude, passion for life, and inspiration to be in action in service to the future?” This and related questions are explored in this Virtual Conference with some of the world’s most helpful voices regarding the challenges and opportunities we can expect in the coming decades, what is currently being done and what still needs to be done, and how, as individuals and groups, we all can participate in the Great Work of co-creating a just and healthy future for humanity and the larger body of life.

A related goal of this Skype interview series is to lift up a worldwide movement that has been emerging for decades at the nexus of science, inspiration, justice, and sustainability. Beliefs are secondary. What unites tens of millions of the religious and non-religious alike is a pool of common values, priorities, and commitments for living in right relationship to reality and working together to foster a thriving future for all. We feel our moment in the arc of history, such that, “The past is rooting for us and the future is calling us to greatness.”


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January 26, 2015 - February 8, 2015
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