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The Shift Summit & Music Festival – Sept 18th – 21th

The global pandemic, which has disrupted the world in shocking and surprising ways, is leading us toward even more unprecedented challenges…

Or, could it be leading us to the greatest evolutionary leap forward we’ve ever taken, as we redesign what human civilization looks like?

The challenges — and opportunities — are potentially world-changing:

How can we turn this time of crisis into a new phase of human history that is built on peace, sustainability, justice, health, and shared prosperity?

How do we redesign our world to liberate more of humanity’s potential to shine?

How can you make your contribution to a more harmonious, unified world?

These questions are why we’re thrilled to announce…

This 4-day online gathering addresses these questions and more by convening a groundbreaking gathering of over 300 visionaries and artists from around the world to share a much-needed infusion of hope, positivity, and practical strategies for how we can shift our society and ourselves to fulfill the dream of a planet that truly works for all.

And best of all… you can join for free!

In this pivotal time — heralding both upheaval and regeneration — you can join forces with some of the most inspiring thought leaders and musical artists who are leading the way to a peaceful, thriving world.

The Shift Summit & Music Festival will happen online over four days, culminating on September 21, the International Day of Peace. You’re invited to participate from home with us…

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