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Transformational Inquiry: Immunity to Change Training for Faith Communities


June 22-26, 2014

Saint Andrew’s House Retreat and Conference Center


Transformational Inquiry is an adaptation for faith communities of the Immunity to Change process developed by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey of Harvard Univ.


For a decade Tom has used Transformational Inquiry in his church to:

  • nurture personal and spiritual growth

  • support social justice work

  • build a resilient, adventurous community

At the request of Kegan and Lahey, Tom will offer a FOUR DAY TRAINING in Transformational Inquiry


saint andrews“We are absolutely delighted that Tom has decided to offer this program and enthusiastically recommend this training! You are in for a huge treat.”~ Robert Kegan, Lisa Lahey

“Tom Thresher’s Transformational Inquiry is a superb practice for exposing and transforming the core assumptions that run–and sometimes ruin–your life. Incredibly effective and easy to practice, I can unconditionally recommend this work.” Ken Wilber–The Integral Vision


saint andrews view

Immunity to Change

Training for Faith Communities

Faith communities offer a unique opportunity for personal and collective change. Based on a decade of experience leading and facilitating change in his community, Rev. Tom Thresher, Ph.D. will offer a four day workshop training designed specifically for facilitators in faith communities. This workshop provides training in the Immunity to Change® (ITC) approach designed by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, while incorporating additional, specialized instruction for participants from faith communities. We call it Transformational Inquiry.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn to facilitate individual change in a small group setting in the faith community

  • Discover ways to strengthen your community’s culture through collective reflection and discovery

  • Explore Transformational Inquiry as a tool to strengthen existing social justice work and energize new initiatives

  • Develop the skills and confidence to facilitate the ITC and Transformational Inquiry approaches in churches and other faith settings.

  • Develop a network of colleagues using these approaches in their faith communities

  • Dive deeply into Inquiry in a small group of no more than 20 participants in a relaxing, natural setting

  • Receive a specialized workbook, the Immunity to Change Facilitator’s Guide, which you will personalize as a resource for working with your community.

  • Receive three books: Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey and two books by Tom Thresher: Reverent Irreverence: Integral Church for the 21st Century and Transformational Inquiry: Change from the Root of Your Being (forthcoming).

Date & Time: June 22-26, 2014.

We will gather at 3:00 pm June 22nd and close after lunch on June 26th.


Fee: $1,300.00. Fee includes meals, lodging for four nights, all program materials, including the Immunity to Change Facilitator’s Guide, and two books: Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey and Reverent Irreverence: Integral Church for the 21st Century by Tom Thresher. A 10% discount is available for a pastor and lay person attending this training together.

Location: St. Andrew’s House Retreat and Conference Center, Union WA,

Registration: Training limited to 20 participants; early registration recommended.

More About Transformational Inquiry

Our world appears beset by unprecedented challenges. Every week a new pundit tells us how we can solve our social and economic problems, generally by asking us to see the world as they see it. Mostly, they offer old solutions in new guises. Unfortunately, our most important challenges can’t be solved with the same old tools. That’s because we too often apply technical means to solve adaptive problems.

Technical problems are solved by applying known solutions to well understood difficulties (think of fixing a leaky faucet). But many of our most vexing issues elude solutions the harder we try to fix them. These issues demand adaptive responses; they require us to step outside our accustomed way of understanding and internalize new ways of seeing. As Einstein famously said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Transformational Inquiry opens the door to the hidden beliefs and assumptions that give rise to our habitual ways of understanding and responding. By inquiring into these beliefs we alter how we see the world and open up to new possibilities. We develop a new resilience and a fresh sense of wonder that makes us more adaptable and creative as we deal with the rapid changes confronting us. Engaging Transformational Inquiry, our hearts open to others as we experience shared vulnerabilities. We become more effective the less we are trapped in the solutions that created the problems in the first place. When pursued to its logical end, TI points the way to profound personal awakening.


You Don’t Need More Willpower…

Video of Tom leading Collective Inquiry with his church.

Video describing Transformational Inquiry as a tool for Sustaining Social Justice efforts.

Short video of Robert Kegan leading Immunity to Change

Discussion of the challenges churches and other faith communities present for the Immunity to Change process. Immunity-to-Change-in-Progressive-Faith-Communities

Overview of Transformational Inquiry and some applications in faith contexts:Transformational Inquiry…Transformational-Inquiry…Practical-Spirituality-for-the-21st-Century

Churches leading the evolution of human consciousness: Progressive-Churches-to-the-Rescue


If your new to TI, please consider listening as Ken Wilber interviews Tom about Transformational Inquiry work with leaders, (of faith and others), applying Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. MP3 Link HERE!

For further questions, contact us here.


June 22, 2014
June 26, 2014
Saint Andrew's House Retreat and Conference Center
Union WA United States
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