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We Are Family: Real Families, Real Faith, in the Real World (PSR Earl Lectures)

What makes a family and who decides? Is family best understood as a social contract, a biological accident, or a reflection of Divine love? How did the idea of “nuclear family” emerge as the dominant paradigm when so many of our historic and scriptural models present alternative arrangements? How do our concepts of racial identity, sexuality, and gender influence how we approach our familial roles? How do we better serve religious families or those with multi-faith backgrounds?

Explore these questions and others at the 111th Earl Lectures and Leadership Conference, held January 29-31, 2013 at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA: “We Are Family: Real Families, Real Faith, in the Real World.” This conference will bring together scholars and faith community leaders to explore what family means in a modern historical context within U.S. society.

Earl Lectures includes three keynote lectures and a series of intensive workshops, in addition to cultural and networking opportunities. Besides hosting sessions focused on recent scholarship, the conference will also feature workshop leaders who are working in the areas of religion, social work, and psychology. By emphasizing the real-life applications of their work, workshop leaders will leave participants with specific tools and techniques to serve families in our increasingly pluralistic and multi-faith world.

Registration for the Earl Lectures and Leadership Conference includes the keynote lectures and a full slate of workshops linking issues of faith to ideas of family. See for registration and details.

January 29, 2013
January 31, 2013
Pacific School of Religion
1798 Scenic Ave.
Berkeley CA United States
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Leslie Leasure
(510) 849-8279