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Wise Woman Training


Goddess Summer Camp

July 29-August 1, 2021   Embracing your Wise Woman


In the Wise Woman retreat we get an overview of the Feminine Path of Power and learn to align our body, heart, mind, will and spirit. We meet the 4 clans of the Warrioress, the Queen, the Visionary and Manifestor and gain the tools of each clan so we can make healthy choices in our lives.  We embody the Wise Woman and the Path of Mastery through the story of Majah.

Embodying the Wise Woman, the master within us, we can banish all fear from our body, all hatred from our heart, all doubt from our mind and all selfishness from our will.

What happens at the LIVE retreats?

For Goddess Summer Camp we go up to the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California where we rent out an entire retreat center. We drum, sing, dance, hear stories and do awesome ritual outdoors in the Redwoods. We do Shamanic journeying, shrine building, meditation, storytelling and intensive ritual late into the night – this is not for the faint of heart – rather for kick ass woman ready to be fully initiated!

The Wise Woman Training consists of 5 LIVE weekend retreats to embody the 5 Feminine Archetypes.

  1. Goddess Summer Camp – Overview of the Feminine Path of Power and the Wise Woman
  2. Warrioress Retreat – Initiation into the Path of Strength
  3. Queen Retreat – Initiation into the Path of Compassion
  4. Visionary Retreat – Initiation into the Path of Change
  5. Manifestor Retreat – Initiation into the Path of Action

The Wise Woman Training is a deep dive to awaken your innate powers of body, heart, mind, will and spirit.

The LIVE retreats help you to shift into your radiant Self and embody your feminine power with grace and compassion.

These weekend retreats are fun, experiential, challenging and full of laughter and sometimes tears. They call on our creativity, our ability to work together in teams to create ritual, learn sacred dance and multicultural chants.

We drum together in circle, speak our truth and encourage each other to embody our unique feminine power and true self.

There is deep communal support and listening. There is deep validation.

And most importantly, the retreats provide an opportunity to create a powerful council of women, the way it used to be, the way it always was, the way it still is when women gather in circle to speak truth and live life fully empowered.

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July 29, 2021 - August 1, 2021
In the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA at Double Bear Retreat Center