Add Your Voice to the Progressive Christian movement today by listing yourself or your group to the global directory and connect with like-minded individuals, help others find your community and be a part of something bigger than yourself!


If you are an organization, your $75 helps us maintain the integrity of our global network directory.  It is an easy and internationally accessible way for people searching for community to find you.  Financial support from our churches is a critical part of our budget and we can’t fulfill our mission without it.


Getting listed in this growing and vibrant directory will tap you into over 500,000 yearly visitors to our site,  many of them looking for a church or local group in their area. With your listing, you will have a full profile with an “About Us” section, a logo/image, and a live link that goes directly to your website. Our website visitors will be able to find your community by searching for churches in their area and will instantly have a sense of who you are, what you offer, and where to find you. Being a part of our larger community also gives visitors a sense of your theological framework.


Your support helps our organization continue to create and share new resources for your spiritual journey. We offer thousands of free resources such as liturgies, rituals, readings, songs, videos, sermons, and articles, as well as carefully selected resources for purchase. With your help we can continue to be the global portal where authors, musicians, theologians, and organizations can collaborate and network.


Finally, with your support we can continue to create children’s curriculum which we feel will literally change the world into a more compassionate world. Our children’s curriculum is a huge undertaking and is very costly. Supporting our mission by donating to be listed in the directory is a small way to make a big difference.

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