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WE ARE VERY SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE! Please see below for print ready templates for Year Two!


**NOTE: the DVD that comes with the larger packages includes all the lessons in PDF format, a teacher training video, and a promotional video. The DVD for Year Two also has templates in a larger size to print out. The DVD goes into your computer or laptop (not a DVD player or CD player). From there you can save, print, or email your lessons!


Promotional Videos!

Please feel free to share this promotional videos with people in your faith community.  Two minutes long, it describes the curriculum in detail.  At the end, it says, “We are proud to be using A Joyful Path Children’s Curriculum





A Joyful Path, Year One- Activity Pages:  Download these larger, print-ready sizes of the templates for your classroom


Lesson 1 Elephant Puzzle Activity

Lesson 10 Loaves and Fishes Craft

Lesson 11 Bear Craft

Lesson 17 Lizard Craft

Lesson 35 Flock of Sheep Activity Craft


A Joyful Path, Year Two- Activity Pages:  Download these larger, print-ready sizes of the templates for your classroom

Unit 2, Lesson #1: Rangoli Image

Unit 2, Lesson #1: Rangoli Design

Unit 2, Lesson #3: Prayer Rug

Unit 2, Lesson #5: Activities 1 and 2

Unit 4, Lesson #4: Old Fashioned Water Spout

Unit 6, Lesson #1: Gandhi’s Glasses

Unit 7, Lesson #2: Squirrel Art Activity

Unit 7, Lesson #3: Moon Phases

Unit 7, Lesson #3: Opposite Cards 1

Unit 7, Lesson #3: Opposite Cards 2

Unit 7, Lesson #3: Opposite Cards 3

Unit 7, Lesson #6: Trees and Stars Template

Unit 7, Lesson #6: Universe Mobile

Unit 8, Lesson #2: Rangoli

Unit 8, Lesson #4: Paper Heart Chain Template


Additional Supplements to use with your Joyful Path kids!

**view all our curriculum supplements here!


A.  Children’s Books (ages 6-10)      

Available for sale individually

Click here to see our list!


B.  Extra Teacher’s Manuals   $80.00

(available only to those who have purchased one of the Curriculum Packages)

Please email contact@progressivechristianity.org to purchase additional manuals.

38 Lessons

38 full color beautiful affirmations with artwork to copy

38 original stories with full color artwork to print out if desired


C. Extra DVD $15

Includes: teacher training video, promo video and all lessons in PDF format

Original purchase of a single or multi-classroom package is required.

Please email contact@progressivechristianity.org to purchase additional DVD


D. Music to bring energy or calm into the class

Great and Small Music CD: a sweetly varied collection of originals sprinkled with a few updated classics, all brought to life with a rootsy blend of folk, bluegrass, gospel, and the spiritual themes so typical of old American music.  The result is tunes that appeal equally to kids, parents, and grandparents – “all-ages songs” that are infectiously singable, sweetly evocative, and inclusively accessible across generational and spiritual divides.

Butterflyfish CDLadybug Music CD: Butterflyfish’s first CD. This music CD is a blast and is inspiring and fun for all ages. It is perfect for bringing energy into the class, to listen to while doing a movement activity or for transition time!



Ashana, All is Forgiven: In a world of abundant musical talents and the ever-expanding New Age music genre, Ashana emerges as a consummate artist of sound and healing with a style uniquely her own. Weaving together soaring, angelic vocals in an exquisitely crafted, luminous sonic tapestry, Ashana’s music has been described as Enya meets Hildegard of Bingen. Profoundly peaceful and soothing, this stunningly beautiful alchemy penetrates and opens the heart with healing music that has been called “breathtaking” and “pure Manna, direct from Heaven.”


E. Spiritual Affirmation Posters- set of 5

Spiritual Affirmation Posters for children from our children’s curriculum, A Joyful Path. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Package of all 5 Posters

Size: 13 x 19, laminated, with border

Full color, beautiful original artwork, by Lisa Mundorff

AFFIRMATION:God is everywhere, within me and around me.

AFFIRMATION: My heart is connected to spirit through prayer.

AFFIRMATION: I am a part of all creation.

AFFIRMATION: The whole world is home, and we are a divine family.

AFFIRMATION: My success is measured in happiness and peace within.

Hang these beautiful posters in your classroom, your child’s room or wherever your faith community gathers!


F. Sheet Music and Other Activities

The Wonder of Life, Music Book: Increasingly aware that the words of traditional hymns are challenging and even prohibitive for those whose faith does not include the dogma so clearly presented there, Scott Kearns, Music Director at West Hill United Church, undertook the task of writing songs for congregational and individual use and enjoyment that carried no prerequisites of faith, theology, or church background. Rather, they focus on the core values that are held sacred by so many, inside and outside the church.

 Sing and Dance and Play with Joy! This collection offers a theologically rich and musically flexible resource for those who lead young children in music experiences in the church or at home. These songs include female and male divine images to teach the foundational biblical truth that male and female of all races are created equally in the divine image (Genesis 1:27). The music, teaching ideas, and activities can enhance the work of preschool church music groups and children’s choirs, and can be used in Church School classes, Vacation Bible Schools, daycare programs, music camps, and worship experiences for young children. The songs and activities in this collection teach children fairness, kindness, peace, sharing, helping others, and caring for the earth. Sing and Dance and Play with Joy: Inclusive Songs for Young Children comes with the hope that all children will learn an expansive theology of God and an ethic of equality and fairness in human relationships.

imagine GodImagine God- A Children’s Musical: Unison/two-part with piano, C instruments, chime tree, woodblock, triangle, suspended cymbal and optional Orff instruments. This musical offers children a multi-sensory approach in expressing numerous images of God as revealed in the Bible. Through a variety of feminine, masculine, and non-gender images of God, this musical contributes to an expansive theology of God and invites children and adults to believe that the great Creator of the universe lives within them.