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Summer 2006 – CrossWalk America did what many people said was IMPOSSIBLE!

From April 16 through September 3, 2006, a small team of people who wanted to make a big difference traveled over 2500 miles across the entire country. Six core walkers and a permanent guest walk went the distance, which entailed 5 million steps. They were supported by an RV driver, a film director, cameraman, volunteers at CrossWalk America headquarters, hundreds of guest walkers, over 150 churches and thousands of lay people and clergy from across the country (and some from abroad) as well as partnerships with The Center for Progressive Christianity, The Beatitudes Society, Protestants for the Common Good, No Longer Silent-Clergy for Justice, the Human Rights Campaign, Faith in America , Living the Questions, and a number of major seminaries.

They stopped in more than 100 towns and cities along the way to meet with people from many faith traditions including Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, interfaith, Evangelical, and many who claim no religious affiliation. The entire walk was filmed to create a movie of the journey and experience and to use in the creation of education and inspirational resources. They learned that Christians and non Christians are all unique individuals with hopes and dreams and fears that cannot be reduced down to a one size fits all mentality that is so common in today's fast paced world. They also learned that hope and change spring from dialogues and being willing to take steps towards our dreams.

In addition to the 2006 Walk, CWA has organized and participated in a number of national press conferences, including

• "Christians Seek Recall of Left Behind: Eternal Forces Video Game" (12/5/06),
• Love One In" protest to James Dobson's "Love Won Out" Conference in Phoenix (2/10/07)
• April 17, 2007, Clergy Call for Justice and Equality press conference in Washington, D.C. supporting the inclusion of Gay and Lesbian citizens in the new versions of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (HR2015) and the Matthew Shepherd Bill Hate Crimes legislation (HR1592, which passed on 5/4/07)
• CWA created an educational documentary for Evolution Sunday (2/11/07) and published in on "YouTube."
• CWA also supported the Clergy Letter Project, a national endeavor designed to demonstrate that religion and science can be compatible and to elevate the quality of the debate of this issue. Click here for more and show the clergy letter info

We share a vision of walking in response to God's spirit calling from within to live an emerging Christian faith, one marked by love of God, neighbor and self. If you share in the spirit of these beliefs, then WALK THE WALK WITH US!

What was the Walk?
A number of Christian ministers and laypeople from a variety of mainstream denominations walked 2,500 miles across the country, from Phoenix, Arizona to Washington, DC, starting April 16, 2006 (Easter Sunday). They carried copies of The Phoenix Affirmations – a set of twelve theological values that clearly articulate Christianity from a progressive Christian standpoint. People from all walks of life joined us along the walk, especially when we arrived in Washington, DC Labor Day weekend (September 3), where we held a rally to "nail the Affirmations to the doorway of America."

Why we did this?
The purpose of Crosswalk America is not to convert the country to our way of understanding Christianity. Rather, it is to rally and organize those who already resonate with the spirit of The Phoenix Affirmations, strengthening the emerging progressive Christian movement. Walk leaders met with media, and held rallies and worship opportunities clear across the country. Simultaneously, CWA coordinated a massive email and web campaign to raise awareness and support.

Join the next walk!

TCPC and Crosswalk America would like to plan more walks all over the states in the near future.  Email us here if you are interested in helping us plan a walk or creating your own walking group.