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Questioning Belief In A Higher Power

By |2023-10-17T14:06:44+00:00April 29, 2020|

Now I am lost, its as if there is not a Santa Claus. No being to look after me or my loved ones and perhaps no afterlife either. It’s not as if I am crushed but is it weird that I am still seeking “something”?. What now?

Meditations on Stress Relief

By |2023-10-17T14:06:56+00:00April 23, 2020|

During our shelter-in-place it is feels right to gather in Community. So with the help of The Grand Council, Diane and I decided to offer a series of FREE fireside chats and meditations called: Wednesday Evenings with The Grand Council

Why do we still pay attention to the Bible in 2020?

By |2023-10-17T14:06:44+00:00April 22, 2020|

I consider the Bible to be the story of one particular segment of world culture's interaction with the Divine over time. The story begins with one insular clan relating to the Divine in all the ways complex and fallible humans do, getting some ideas right and misunderstanding others.

What do you consider the Bible to be?

By |2023-10-17T14:06:42+00:00April 12, 2020|

What do you consider the Bible to be? Is it uniquely inspired by God? Is it different from other literature? Is it authoritative? If it is not all authoritative, how do you determine the parts that are? If the Bible is not divinely inspired, where do moral truths come from? Are moral values eternal and universal for all cultures?

Is the Sense of Self an Illusion?

By |2022-08-07T00:36:19+00:00April 5, 2020|

Would you comment from your Christian perspective on the Buddhist assertion that we have no separate self or separate existence because we cannot understand who we are without understanding who we aren't, and our separate existence is known only because of everything we are? Is the sense of self an illusion?


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