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We Are Community

An opening affirmation

We are community
Embraced by the mystery of God’s love for all creation

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The Sound that Calls Us

A responsive reading

One What is the sound that calls us? Listen carefully.
Many The beating of our own hearts calls us to ourselves. It calls us to be our true selves, our best selves. Calls us to be what we might become.

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A Call to Find Your Voice

Responsive reading based on the 8 points

Together we hold a place where each can find voice as they long to reflect the Christ for our time.

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Responsive Reading

Leader: The presence of God is surely in this place.
People: The presence of God is everywhere.

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Litany Based on John 1:1-4

In the beginning was the Word …
It all started with an act of divine self-expression.
and the Word was with God …
It all comes from the center of God.

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Let Us Overcome

An Easter Litany

The celebration of Easter is the acknowledgement of the power of the divine spirit working through us to transform the most negative of situations. Let us commit ourselves to overcoming hate with love.

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Those Who Struggle for Justice

For those who promote human rights in countries controlled by military dictatorships, risking their lives every day
All: Blessed are those who are persecuted for their struggle for justice: the kingdom of heaven is theirs

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Hear the Voices

One: Hear the voices, small voices, loud voices, voices of the oppressed, voices of the powerful.

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Christmas Day responsive reading

Leader: Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Christ.
People: We celebrate the birth of Jesus, who showed us how to express God by letting the Christ within be our guide.

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Christmas Eve Responsive Reading

Leader: It is a night of anticipation, a night of waiting.
People: We wait, as Mary and Joseph waited for the birth of their son.

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Sara Kay: On The Way

Soulful music that combines elements of folk, blues, jazz, and gospel. Lyrics are spiritual yet progressive, philosophical yet earthy, and realistic yet hopeful. The topics include: enjoying the sacredness of daily life, finding hope in difficult times, …

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Advent Responsive Reading

Leader: In this Advent season, we honor a time in history when people anticipated the birth of a child.
People: The child grew to be a man who gave hope to his people.

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Hope Unseen

(based on John 5: 37-47, Romans 8: 18-25)

When one comes in a never-uttered name
God wins the glory for all that is done:
It’s in hoping for what cannot be claimed
That every inch of justice is won.

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Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Peace is not an absence of conflict and violence. It is a set of relationships based on justice, participation and a recognition of our mutual humanity and inter-dependence.

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“We commit ourselves to lives of compassion”

Group reading…a commitment to live as compassionate beings.

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