• A Christian Approach to Political Decision-Making: Introducing Whisper Ethics presents a new way of thinking about religion and politics. It represents fifty years of my puzzling over these issues as a trained political scientist and a committed Christian. Rather than relying on biblical passage picking to guide your choices, it puts God in charge. In doing so, it provides Christians with a clear path for working with God to make the world a better place.
  • This is a book about the merger of religion, politics, and science in the pursuit of ultimate truth and moral direction.
  • Deconstruction is hard! Bad views of God and harmful experiences lead many of us to deconstruct. But we’re right to run from the nonsense we’ve been taught and from those who hurt us. God After Deconstruction will not be welcomed by traditionalists. It’s not a book for people who want the status quo or who think conventional theology works. It isn’t for people who just want to tweak a bit what they’ve been taught. Thomas Jay Oord and Tripp Fuller offer an open and relational vision of God. This vision makes sense, fits our experience, and is livable. The open and relational view aligns with our deep intuitions about love and freedom.
  • One Consciousness - God’s consciousness fills the universe. Everything contains and expresses it. The world is alive, awake, aware, loving, and breathtakingly intelligent. We each share this consciousness though we wrap it in personal identity and assume everyone’s version is uniquely theirs. What does this mean? It means you have direct access to the consciousness of God. This realization alone can begin your awakening.
  • Science and Religion should never be in conflict, as Dr. James, a Ph.D. scientist and Christian mystic, carefully demonstrates. He employs many personal experiences in the science realm and in the Christian realm to show how the two are wonderfully complementary—as long as each remains in their respective places.  
  • In this groundbreaking, inspiring book, Robin R. Meyers, the senior minister of Oklahoma City’s Mayflower Congregational United Church of Christ, shows how readers can move from a theology of obedience to one of consequence. He argues that we need to stop seeing our actions as a means for pleasing a distant God and rediscover how God has empowered us to care for ourselves and the world.
  • The Way integrates religion and science and reconciles Eastern and Western worldviews, confirming with the mystics and the scientists that everyone is related, and everything is connected.
  • Things They Never Told You in Sunday School took what had been explained in rather complicated detail by some others and organized the information into a layperson’s, easy to understand journey that walked simply through the Bible explanations, and scholarship.
  • In this thought-provoking exploration, author Thomas Huening embarks on a daring quest to unravel the complexities of faith, freedom, and the enigmatic legacy of one of America's most iconic figures. Drawing from his own experiences as a Catholic and a lifelong seeker of truth, Huening invites readers on a fascinating journey through the pages of history and scripture.


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