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Contemporary Creed

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Used Book in Good Condition

Unlike Richard Dawkins, the Revised Edition, Contemporary Creed sees no conflict between evolution and God, faith and modern science. But what sort of God creates a violent universe with a Big Bang almost 14 billion years ago and appears to do little or nothing to prevent built-in suffering and natural disasters like earthquakes, famines, disabled children and cancers? The Christian God leaves a lot unexplained!

Some writers give superficial answers whereas Morris — who helps care for his own handicapped grandson — gets to the root of difficulties and succeeds in finding credible pathways through sixty problems of Christian beliefs and ethics. He writes for believers and unbelievers: for Christians like himself who admit their doubts, and for atheists and agnostics interested in life’s big questions. His unusual format of 90% prose and 10% original poetry is entertaining, and the style straightforward everyday language, offering conclusions that are often open-ended, undogmatic. His systematic theology becomes a brief A-Z that may be read in any order for individual Bible study, or by house groups that want a provocative structure for lively discussion.

Contemporary Creed

We need books to bridge the gap between belief and unbelief, between the Church and the enquirer who cannot find the entrance and between the pulpit and the pew. This book does it. (Most Revd Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York.) My problem with most books on God by believers is that they treat theology as though it were a science. Its not – and John Morris doesnt try to pretend that it is. Most refreshing! (John Humphrys, BBC Today, Mastermind, In God We Doubt.) John Morris addresses many significant questions about Christian belief in a careful and truth-seeking manner. His book should be helpful to many enquirers. (Revd Dr John Polkinghorne, KBE, FRS, physicist, theologian, author.) In this admirable and cogently-written book, John Morris explains how he sustains a life-changing faith while being fully mindful of all the intellectual challenges and perplexities this entails. Even those of us who cannot share his beliefs will be stimulated by his arguments and enlightened by his perspective. (Lord (Martin) Rees, OM, Kt, FRS, Astronomer Royal, author.) A brilliant, honest, contemporary restatement of orthodox Christianity. It tackles 60 of the toughest objections to Christian faith with deep thoughtfulness, in well-organised topics and clear prose. His 100-word creed is a masterpiece, his poems a joy, and his profound handling of difficult issues will help many, atheists and believers alike. Canon Dr Michael Green, theologian, university speaker worldwide, author.


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