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Inside the Miracle: Enduring Suffering, Approaching Wholeness

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In the midst of our most trying circumstances lives a miraculous gift-a healing process that shapes our journey of becoming our better, more wholehearted selves. With Inside the Miracle, bestselling author Mark Nepo presents his latest book, offering a collection of poems, reflections, and essays that explore how we can inhabit the endless reservoir of aliveness that abides within our most difficult challenges.

Speaking with the authenticity and compassion of one who’s been there, Mark relates his own journey through cancer to share hard-earned lessons for everyday living and insights into how we can each find the resilience and medicine that waits to be transformed out of our suffering. For anyone grappling with serious illness or a dramatic life transition, these wise teachings help us access the courage and grace to face our situation “head-on and heart-on,” one step at a time.


“Philosopher-poet, cancer survivor, and best-selling author Nepo (Seven Thousand Ways To Listen; The Endless Practice) invites readers on a particularly arduous journey through suffering. He suggests that people welcome adversity in order to move through it and provides remnants, such as poems and journal excerpts, from his own experience as well as ‘questions to walk with’ directed at readers facing their own struggles. VERDICT Amazingly honest and inspiring for those confronting serious illness or dramatic transitions. While Nepo writes with academic references, his message is for everyone.”
―Library Journal, starred review

“Nepo was in his thirties when he was diagnosed with cancer and his life changed all the way through to its core. He speaks of his transformation with eloquent insight. Three decades after his illness, he’s still garnering the lessons that came buried in that experience. Practically, it’s become his life’s work. This book, which draws on journal entries made during and since his illness, contains a collection of poems and prose that grew out of his experience with cancer and its aftermath. He speaks of the touchstone of grace, the current of life, embracing the will to live, the raw truth of my journey, the inner rhythm of healing, and enduring the miracle. Let customers know that while this is a straightforward discussion of his struggle with cancer, it remains uplifting and strangely lyrical throughout. The book includes Questions to Walk With which are intended to help readers express their own unexplored inner lives.”
―Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight

“In Inside the Miracle, Mark Nepo gathers almost 30 years of writing, teaching, and thinking about suffering, healing, and wholeness, drawing on his own transformative experience with illness. With everyday lessons and hard-earned wisdom, he has given us a beautiful testament to the resilience of the human heart, and a guide to facing life’s challenges with strength, grace, and gratitude.”
―Arianna Huffington, author of Thrive

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