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Jesus, the Ultimate Shaman: Enriching Life Through Shamanic Practices

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Jesus, the Ultimate Shaman: Enriching Life Through Shamanic Practices

By Stephen M. Bull & Sally H. Denny

Spiritual life dull and predictable, going nowhere? Trust us to infuse your life with personal power, confidence, and excitement.

Sally and Steve combine a rich mixture of multi-disciplines from careers, theological education, and shamanic training that coalesce to offer wisdom and experience for your spiritual development.

If you’ve picked up this book, there’s a reason you’ve been drawn to it. Jesus, the Ultimate Shaman provides all readers with many shamanic tools they can use to heal themselves, others, and their environment. It shows people of all philosophies and faith perspectives that Shamanism isn’t a threat or in competition with their beliefs. Are you looking for answers for how to deepen your relationship with Creator-God, Spirit, yourself, or others? No one walks away from this book without the potential to change their own life.

  • Jesus used powerful shamanic practices. Find out how he did this. Learn from his example.
  • Use this book to shift into a new paradigm to enhance your spiritual life and experiences.
  • Turn on to shamanic practices that connect you to Spirit and the divine creation rather than merely an intellectual faith.


Jesus the Ultimate Shaman is an easy-to-read book that introduces readers to Shamanism and shows how Jesus practiced its powerful principles.

Your destiny calls. Learn the shaman’s way. Don’t let your fear or the fears of others stop you from exploring Shamanism. Expand your experience. Buy this book.

“Everyone should read this book if wanting to expand their spiritual mind.”  -Mariah
“This book clearly outlines the relationship of Jesus had with the shamanic arts and how they were used during his time on Earth. the book is well researched and offer valuable insight into the life of Jesus. well worth reading for the believer and nonbeliever.” – Charles Lightwalker
Published by Apocryphile Press

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