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Restorative Faith: Christianity for the 21st Century Rationalist

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Christianity is in a downward spiral. Americans are abandoning the church in record numbers. In the 21st century, science and technology are the primary drivers of the modern worldview. As a result, Christianity is rapidly losing credibility. And why shouldn’t it be? In a world where logic and reason reign supreme, the church often promotes the exact opposite: The earth was created in six days; Noah filled a boat with every animal on the planet; and Jesus was born of a virgin.

Admitting that these and many other of aspects of the Christian faith are simply non-starters to outsiders, Alexander Lang takes the reader on a journey to rediscover Christianity. Written for those who find Christianity inaccessible, illogical and plainly irrelevant, Restorative Faith confronts the landmines that often shatter faith. By breaking down Christianity into its most basic parts, Lang casts a new vision for the Christian faith. Restorative Faith is designed to push an evolution in thinking and spiritual consciousness such that humans are prepared to take responsibility for each other’s well-being and the collective future of life on our planet.


Restorative Faith: A different approach to understand the Bible. Most books that interpret or analyze the Bible have a conclusion in mind – to convince the reader to accept the author’s viewpoints. Restorative Faith is different and therefore refreshing. Questions are raised that lead to an educated understanding of when, how and why the Bible came about. Faith shouldn’t be based only on tradition or simplistic emotional reverence but rather by asking questions. Finding one’s faith should be a journey of discovery. The questions posed in Restorative Faith reveal interesting, thoughtful and enlightened ways to examine what we believe. – Larry Olson
A Must Read Book for Anyone Trying to Understand Christianity Today. So much of Christian tradition is based on historic periods when people had less intellectual, geographic, demographic and scientific resources. Many churches have failed to adjust Christian foundations and traditions to adhere to man’s advancements. The result is our current generation is moving away from churches and looking for alternative sources of spirituality. Restorative Faith is an excellent book on how Christianity can be the spiritual resource for modern society by exploring how its foundation aligns with the knowledge, philosophies and viewpoints of the current generations. I have recommended this book to many young adults who have abandoned churches but feel a spiritual gap.
A beautifully written book that addresses the questions that many of us have about our beliefs. This book smartly addresses the questions that many of us have about our long standing religious beliefs (but rarely discuss with others). Alex shares how evidence, common sense, science and the bible do not have to be mutually exclusive; instead, they can all beautifully coexist. And whereas Alex shares his opinions and theories about many topics, his style is conversational and allows the reader to make his/her own conclusions. Throughout, his findings are grounded in a thorough understanding of historical context. Most promising, Alex helps chart a path forward where faith communities buck the trend and actually grow into the future.

About the Author

Rev. Alexander Lang is a Presbyterian pastor in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Known for his distinctive preaching style, Alex blends history, science, culture and scripture into spiritually relevant messages for his congregation. Alex’s interests include independent film, electronic music and deep conversation with people who question, doubt and want to dig into the most complex issues we face as humans. When he’s not working on books, sermons or the Restorative Faith Movement, Alex enjoys spending time with his family by reading books aloud with his wife and playing crazy games invented by his two sons.

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