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Reviving the Reformation: A Jewish Believer Peers Backward to Move Biblical Truth Forward

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Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism were both catapulted from the Land of Israel in the first century. Even though they came out of the same soil, the Hebrew Bible (Tanach), they ended up a distance from the starting point in opposite directions.

This book is an attempt to restore the true Biblical Messianic faith described by the Tanach. Wearing deerstalker caps with pipes in hand we need to follow the evidence from the first century C.E. before the Romans destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem to about the middle of the second century. This investigation will require us to peer through the dust of Roman destruction to evaluate the often fragmentary details. We need to sort through the orthodox and less traditional interpretations of the facts to get closer to the truth.
Some will consider the author of this book a loose cannon on the deck. Others will deny that this author ever sailed with their ship. Most will think it odd that a Jew would attempt to sit in the seat of past reformers.

This document will be an unsettling journey for those who are willing to reevaluate the truth of their faith positions. With Biblical faith fading fast in western culture, however, now is the time to restore the truth by reviving the Reformation.

Reviving the Reformation is written by an author who is conservative but sees Christianity and Judaism through a different lens than most. Daniel Lang is the son of a nominally religious Jewish father and a devout Gentile Christian mother. He attended Hebrew school and was bar mitzvahed in a small town conservative synagogue. Growing up, Dan would cringe when he heard the name “Jesus” and “Christ” would send shivers up his spine. After being introduced to the messianic prophecies in high school, he saw that Yeshua filled the shoes of the expected Jewish Messiah. Dan is a physician actively working as a primary care internist for over twenty-eight years.

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