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The Dragon King

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The Dragon King is an overcoming all obstacles children’s hero story inspired by the real life circumstances of a boy named Ethan who was severely burned in 2006. It’s a story about magic–and dragon fire, a razor sharp horn, a battle in the sky, green scales and dragon tears. But more than that, it is a remarkable journey of courage, compassion and the power of imagination to forge one’s own destiny.

The Dragon King’s author and composer, Vivian Slade, has created an illustrated children’s book and audio book complete with narration, sound effects and six fully orchestrated musical theater style songs. She hopes this fairy tale not only entertains but encourages in young readers values like integrity, perseverance and forgiveness. The Dragon King is now available as an eBook and audio book on Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby.

Human Art Publishing was formed to bring this adventure to the marketplace. And as a testament to Ethan’s courage and perseverance, Vivian’s goal is to place a copy of The Dragon King in every pediatric hospital library around the U.S. over the next 3 years.Vivian’s next venture is to adapt The Dragon King to the stage.For additional information on The Dragon King, please visit The Dragon King Website or our YouTube channel, The Dragon King Series.

Dragon King

Praise for The Dragon King

“Courage, responsibility, and dependability are character traits that every parent wishes for their child. As a mother and a licensed therapist, I highly recommend The Dragon King as a must read.” –Sandy O’Donnell, LPC, MHSP, Nashville, TN

“I loved it! I wanna give you a hundred hugs for it. I’m definitely add- ing it to my list of favorite books.” –Kiley, age 10, Cuenca, Ecuador
“This beautiful story, chronicling courage and honor in the face of adversity, will intrigue and inspire children of all ages as courageous valor triumphs over fear.” –Reed Powell Christian, MAT, Parent, Teacher, Theater Instructor, Atlanta, Georgia

“I liked it. It was about you can do it. Sometimes you think you can’t inside, but you can. Made me feel like I can do things; even if I think I can’t, I can. I feel stronger. Thank you.” –Gabriel, age 9, Los Angeles, CA

“What a beautiful book! The voice is lovely, the illustrations are gorgeously detailed, and the story itself is inspiring.” –Marsha Lanier, MSW, San Francisco, CA

“I thoroughly enjoyed listening to The Dragon King! It is charming, interesting, and refreshing. The music is tremendous!” –Juliana Ericson, Holistic Life Coach, Nashville, TN

“My 8-year-old daughter Abbie and I listened to The Dragon King during a recent 8-hour drive. As soon as it ended, she asked to hear it again and, since she was holding the laptop, kept replaying the music for 3 hours!” –Kirsten Schmitt, Winston-Salem, NC

“A beautiful story of courage and facing one’s fears. Wonderful artwork throughout this engaging story makes it as much of a joy to look at as it is to read.” –Audrey Patrick, MA, Nashville, TN

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